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[Informacje o wersji] 4.3.6 Beta 1

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This is a maintenance release to fix reported issues.

Additional Information


  • Added ability to use bulk mail subscription status as a filter for group promotions.
  • Added Redis as a new datastore option when Redis is being used for caching.
  • Added an option to use a second Facebook application for social promotes to be used for the Facebook review process.
  • Added logging any time the support tool has been run.
  • Improved message when an embed is not available to better indicate if the content has been deleted or the user doesn't have permission to see it.
  • Improved UI of widget to prompt guests to sign up if alternative login methods are enabled.
  • Improved visual custom date cues on search results page for a more natural explanation of what was searched.
  • Improved performance of certain actions (such as updating topic views) when using Elasticsearch.
  • Improved performance of viewupdates task.
  • Fixed some Emojis rendering incorrectly.
  • Fixed reports of content from private clubs not showing to moderators.
  • Fixed some moderator permissions not applying correctly within clubs.
  • Fixed pagination of the list of members in a club not working.
  • Fixed an issue where editing a stream does not show updated results.
  • Fixed paid clubs being able to be created with $0 fee.
  • Fixed profanity filters applying to account usernames during registration.
  • Fixed online users older than 30 minutes showing when using Redis.
  • Fixed following a member not updating the follow button correctly.
  • Fixed issues copying node settings in the AdminCP to other nodes.
  • Fixed uncaught exception that may occur when using Redis and clearing caches.
  • Fixed CSS and JavaScript files not being deleted when recompiled on upgrade or when running the support tool.
  • Fixed AdminCP dashboard warning about failed tasks showing for disabled tasks.
  • Fixed an issue filtering by specific members when using Elasticsearch.
  • Fixed OAuth setups refreshing refresh tokens more often than they should.
  • Fixed OAuth setups not properly supporting implicit grants.
  • Fixed link to the setting for allowed characters in usernames (which shows when setting up certain login handlers) not highlighting the setting.
  • Fixed a possible technical error message (rather than a graceful error screen) showing if a very low-level error (such as database server offline) occurs in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue with the automatically created English support account language.
  • Fixed error when deleting the node being viewed in AdminCP node trees.
  • Fixed a false warning from the database checker when using MySQL 8.
  • Fixed an issue where granting permission to create specific types of clubs via secondary groups may not work properly.
  • Removed logging of notices that a template was requested to be rebuilt while already rebuilding.
  • Fixed sitemap generating errors when entering zero for the number of items to include.
  • Fixed sitemap not generating some maps on specific PHP versions
  • Fixed error after changing cache or datastore settings in certain PHP configurations.
  • Fixed some minor language string inconsistencies.
  • Fixed an issue with activity stream menus sometimes not recognizing a click.
  • Fixed an issue with 'undefined' appearing in activity stream URLs.
  • Fixed issues related to using autocomplete to filter by members and/or tags in activity streams.
  • Fixed the usage of the CACHEBUSTKEY for javascript files inside the interface directory.
  • Fixed replacement tags not working in bulk mails within URLs.
  • Fixed lost image style attributes in bulk emails.
  • Fixed plugin install/upgrade routines not properly handling loop requests.
  • Removed unnecessary code from the application upgrade code.
  • Fixed an issue with the database checker in certain edge cases.
  • Fixed broken TED Talks embeds.
  • Fixed an issue where profile field management may not be available to a restricted administrator.
  • Fixed 'Manage acronyms ACP table design'.
  • Fixed an issue where restoring deleted content items would not reindex comments on that item.
  • Fixed widgets potentially attempting to render all content items.
  • Adjusted database session handling to improve performance.
  • Fixed filters when creating a bulk mail or downloading a member list not working in certain combinations.
  • Fixed a bug where club editor fields may not update properly by rebuild tasks.
  • Fixed an issue where automatic recurring payments may not re-subscribe a member correctly.
  • Fixed a bug which may prevent all items from being included in a sitemap.
  • Fixed the Pages editor button.
  • Fixed inability to manually set a member's reputation count less than 0.
  • Fixed a missing warning when the hooks.php file was not writable before application and plugin installations and upgrades.
  • Fixed an issue with Elasticsearch that could cause queries to get blocked on high traffic sites.
  • Fixed an issue with Elasticsearch that occurs when hiding or moving content.
  • Fixed an error attempting to promote content not intended to be promoted.
  • Fixed announcements being shown without checking the start date.


  • Fixed moderator permissions for posts.
  • Fixed an issue where moving archived topics from one forum to another did not update the forum counters.
  • Fixed an issue where posting a hidden post causes the forum to indicate a post pending approval is present.


  • Added an option when refunding a transaction which was paid by a PayPal Billing Agreement to also cancel the Billing Agreement.
  • Added support for new currencies ( AUD, CZK, DKK, HKD, ILS, MXN, NZD, NOK, PHP, PLN, RUB, SGD, SEK, SEK, CHF, THB ) for CC payments.
  • Fixed broken referrer tab in AdminCP customer profile.
  • Fixed incoming email for new domain extensions.
  • Fixed incoming emails being saved as blank replies.
  • Fixed the link to print an invoice that gets sent in the email not working for guests.
  • Fixed broken images when viewing a purchase of an advertisement in the AdminCP.
  • Fixed advertisement purchases created by generating an invoice in the AdminCP.
  • Fixed possible text overflow when viewing shipping order in AdminCP.
  • Fixed support requests not showing assigned staff member in preview.
  • Fixed missing tax on purchase reactivation.
  • Fixed subscription upgrades.
  • Fixed missing language strings in member history when upgrading subscriptions.
  • Fixed upgrading/downgrading for packages whose base price is modified by the chosen renewal term.
  • Fixed invalid referral banner image URL shown to users.
  • Fixed not being able to remove product discounts.
  • Fixed certain email address formats not being supported properly by the ticket system email parser.
  • Fixed hashed language strings in the autoresolve email.


  • Fixed numeric database fields which use more than 2 decimal places in the value.
  • Fixed incorrect sorting of number database fields.
  • Fixed the broken page tag in WYSIWYG widget.
  • Fixed an error occuring when editing a comment, that is attached to a hidden topic.
  • Fixed search permissions in database with 'User can see records posted by other users'.
  • Fixed ratings structured-data output.


  • Fixed broken redirect after deleting an album and moving images in it to a category.
  • Fixed broken promote form for images within an album.
  • Fixed missing watermark when a file was inserted via the Editor-Media feature.
  • Fixed an issue where sitemap may show incorrect date for images upgraded from 3.x.
  • Fixed ratings structured-data output.


  • Fixed screenshots that have been imported from a URL missing from embeds.
  • Fixed ratings structured-data output.


  • Fixed blog cover photo being used when sharing entries on social media even when the entry has its own feature photo.


  • Fixed possible SQL error when upgrading from 3.x.
  • Fixed an issue where the cover photo offset was not copied correctly when copying events.
  • Fixed broken Blog Embeds.
  • Fixed an issue where the link to the last Blog Entry inside the Blog Embed was broken.
  • Fixed ratings structured-data output.
  • Fixed an issue in the ical upload where the venue wasn't saved properly.


  • Improved performance of Conversions.
  • Added support for redirecting direct post links for Vanilla.
  • Clarified minimum vB version for vB3 conversions.
  • Fixed extraneous breaks in content converted from vBulletin.
  • Fixed personal conversations from Vanilla.
  • Fixed Gallery albums being converted with no default sort option.
  • Fixed issue where login methods were being called statically, when they were not static.
  • Fixed issue with converting Calendar Event attachments.
  • Fixed issue where some code box content may be broken after conversion from phpBB.
  • Fixed vBulletin 3 redirects no longer working if you converted prior to upgrading to 4.x.


  • Added UConverter support to the UTF-8 Converter for sites with mixed character sets.
  • Fixed how sharedmedia BBCode gets converted to embeds for Gallery albums when upgrading from 3.x.
  • Fixed an issue where announcement widgets may not get removed when upgrading to 4.3
  • Fixed an issue where converting to UTF-8 prior to upgrade can throw an error in some situations.

Third-Party / Developer / Designer Mode

  • Fixed album embeds when in developer mode.
  • Fixed errors adjusting sitemap configuration preferences when using developer mode.


  • Fixed an unvalidated redirect vulnerability (low impact).
  • Fixed an XSS vulnerability in the AdminCP when malicious content was submitted as the "Reason for hiding" by a moderator (low impact).
  • Set noopener rel attribute on all links opening in a new tab (very low impact).

Wyświetl informacje o wersji

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  • Administrator

Jak na razie to same poprawki błędów 🙂 Mają zacząć pracować nad 4.4 (co już zapewne robią) i w niej dopiero będzie coś nowego

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Dnia 30.08.2018 o 07:45, Spanner napisał:

Jak na razie to same poprawki błędów 🙂 Mają zacząć pracować nad 4.4 (co już zapewne robią) i w niej dopiero będzie coś nowego

A co ile +/- wychodzą nowe wersje? w sensie np. 4.3.6 na 4.3.7? Lub z 4.0.0 na 5.0.0?

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  • Administrator
6 minut temu, usmiechnietymniszek napisał:

A co ile +/- wychodzą nowe wersje? w sensie np. 4.3.6 na 4.3.7? Lub z 4.0.0 na 5.0.0?

Różnie to zależy od IPS. Ale ogólnie jest tak, że raz do roku wychodzi jakaś "duża" aktualizacja, np. 4.3. 0 w tym roku planowane jest jeszcze 4.4.0 (ale zobaczymy co z tego będzie) a mniejsze wersje wychodzą w zależności od potrzeb i ilości znalezionych błędów

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