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[IPS News] 4.3: Express yourself with Emoji

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Emoji: built in to聽Invision Community 4.3! 馃帀

Invision Community has a long history. We remember the early days of forums, back when graphical聽"emoticons" or "smilies" were added.

We have always shipped our products聽with聽a basic set of emoticons with the ability to add your own images and has supported emoji from mobile devices.

Emoji has become a standard across mobile and desktop devices so it made sense to bring them to Invision Community fully.

You can choose from 3 different styles of Emoji:

  • The native style provided by the user's operating system (if you choose this option, users on different platforms will see different styles)
  • Twitter style
  • EmojiOne style


Emoji Settings

Once you have chosen one of these options, all of the available聽Emoji will show in the emoticons selector when making a post. Unlike in older versions, the entire list is scrollable (the categories drop down will jump you to the category rather than filter), you can search, and standard Emoji features like skin tone modifiers are fully supported, and of course, you can make them as big as you like.


Navigating Emoji


Skin Tone Modifier


Make Emoji any size

Autocompleting Short Codes

In addition to using the selector, you can also use optionally enable standard :short_codes:. These will be autocompleted as you type.


Autocompleting Short Codes

You can also enable more conventional ASCII emoticons to be automatically replaced too:


ASCII Short Codes

Don't Worry: Custom Emoticons Aren't聽Going Anywhere!

You can use custom emoticons either instead of, or even alongside Emoji. If you give your custom emoticons a text replacement starting and ending with : they will even show in the autocompletion alongside Emoji.


Custom Emoticons


Whichever style you choose, Emoji is stored in the database as the actual Unicode characters, so you can even change the setting and all Emoji, even those in existing posts, will immediately change.

If you choose to use the native style (so the Emoji will match the style provided by the operating system), the system will automatically detect which Emojis are supported and the selector will only try to聽show the ones the platform can render.

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