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[IPS Marketplace] Personal Message Guard/Protection

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This plugin will scan new private conversation messages for specific keywords. If a match is found either in the conversation title or message, it will create a thread in a forum showing the details of that conversation.

This can be very useful for a number of reasons, such as where people can use your forum to harras/stalk/bother/spam your members. Or trying to steal them away. Or for other illegal things like scamming for example. With this plugin, you and your staff will be made aware immediately if such a thing happens at your forum.

The autmated thread posted when a keyword is found in a new personal message will show the sender and received of the said personal message, the keyword used and the full personal message title and content.


You can specify the keywords that you want the new personal messages to be scanned at the plugin settings. You can also select the forum where you want the automated thread report to be posted whenever a keyword is used in a new personal message and select the user who you want to be the starter of the reported automated thread.


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