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[IPS Marketplace] AutoTag

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This application will automatically apply tags to content submitted by members based on the content title.

Features Include:

  1. Ability to limit Automatic Tagging based on Content Type.
  2. Ability to limit Automatic Tagging based on the members group (including the ability to include or exclude secondary groups)
  3. Ability to hide the normal tag form completely.
  4. Ability to only apply a tag automatically if it is longer than a specific length.
  5. Ability to exclude specific words from being added as automatic tags.

Smart AutoTagging

The application will adhere to the default Tag Settings as defined by Invision Community where possible. This includes:

  1. Limiting how many automatic tags are added when the user defines their own tags.
  2. Removing any automatically generated tags that exceed the Minimum or Maximum Tag Length settings defined by Invision Community.


Any application that supports user submitted content will automatically be supported if that content supports tagging.

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