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[IPS News] New: Commerce Improvements

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This entry is about our IPS Community Suite 4.2 release


Improved Stripe Integration

Stripe is a popular payment gateway that supports card payments. In IPS Community Suite 4.2 we have made some improvements to our integration:

  • When viewing a transaction in the AdminCP, it will show the last 4 digits of the card used, and the result of Stripe's risk evaluation.
  • More information is sent to Stripe for easier cross-reference between Stripe's control panel and your AdminCP. This includes the customer's name, billing and shipping addresses, email address, associated transaction/invoice/customer IDs, and the invoice title.


Stripe Transaction.png

Stripe Transaction in the AdminCP showing risk evaluation and card details

Stripe Control Panel.png

Transaction in Stripe's control panel showing customer and invoice details


Anti-Fraud Improvements

Anti-Fraud Rules now have some additional filters:

  • Products being purchases includes...
  • Account was registered more/less than [x days] ago
  • Customer is/isn't in group
  • Customer has previously spent more/less than
  • Time since last purchase is more/less than [x days] ago
  • Custom profile fields (both at member and customer level)
  • IP address is x (exactly, contains or matches regular expression)
  • Customer has previously made transactions that failed (opposed to "were blocked by fraud rules")
  • Email address matches regular expression

Fraud Rules.png

Some of the new Anti-Fraud Rule options


MaxMind per gateway

A new setting has been added that allows you to run MaxMind only against transactions using particular payment gateways.

MaxMind Settings.png

New MaxMind gateways setting


Transaction Search

You can now enter the transaction ID provided by the payment gateway in the AdminCP search box to find a transaction.

Transaction Lookup.png

Looking up a transaction by gateway ID


Renewal Savings

If you have a product with multiple renewal terms, a new setting allows you to show alongside each option how much is saved. This can be shown either as a monetary value, or as a percentage.

Renewal Savings.png

Product showing savings for different renewal options

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