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[IPS Marketplace] Advanced Member Edit

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This resource will allow admins to fully edit members profile directly on front-end. All information from ACP can be edited on front-end by admins with no restriction on Can edit member accounts permission. It also checks for the permission Can edit admin accounts if you're trying to edit an admin account.

You can:

  • change member display name
  • change primary group and/or add/remove groups to secondary groups
  • edit content item and reputation level counts
  • change the whole notification settings for the member
  • change member preferences, like:
    • timezone
    • language
    • theme
    • view signatures
  • change profile info, like:
    • add/remove cover photo
    • member title
    • birhday
    • Show last visitors on profile
    • Allow others to follow the member
    • Edit all profile fields
  • edit member restrictions:
    • warning points
    • restrict from posting
  • more

It will also display all tabs added by any 3rd-party applications that uses the memberForm extension.

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