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[IPS Marketplace] Project Manager-Bug & Suggestion Tracker-IPS4 Releasemanager

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This Application is a Project Manager / Bug & Suggestion Tracker and it includes several Tools for developers like a vcs connection to bitbucket which will allow you to resolve bugs via commit messages and it includes a connection to the IPS marketplace api, which will allow you get a list of all customers and you'll get notifications when somebody buys a product.
It also provides a way to use the IPS4 versioning system to notify the users of new versions of themes, apllications and plugins.

There's a setting to disable all the dev related features if you want to use it only as project manager.

This application also includes the IPS4 REST API to manage projects, items and versions.


The package includes already a basic project setup with the types Bug & Suggestion and states like open, fixed, accepted, no thx
If you don't want to install the demo data, remove the "Demodata.php" file from the package before you install this application. 



Demo: https://addons.invisionzone.com/projects/

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