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[IPS Marketplace] Behemoth Theme

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Behemoth is a clean, multipurpose IPS theme comes with advanced features including responsive drop down navigation, Styling a specific forum category, Google fonts API integration, custom full-sized widgets, Advanced footer, A different article styles, and a powerful touch slider that can be integrated with (IP.Content) as a complete package for infinite slider.

Behemoth theme is beautifully responsive and mobile friendly. integrated with the Swiper which is a modern touch slider. works with all modern browsers. Behemoth is a pixel-perfect design, works great on tablets, mobile phones. You can integrate the slider with (IP.Content) to showcase your articles in a beautiful design. This is not just a theme, Behemoth theme comes free with awesome article styles.



  • Swiper Slider
    Swiper is a modern touch slider that integrates with (IP.Content) as a complete package for infinite slider. beautifully designed to showcase your articles. It is entirely responsive, meaning that it can work on tablets, mobile phones, laptops, and desktop computers, comes with tons of settings and customization's You can enable or disable the slider on specific pages for example show on forum index but not forum topics page, or pages, blogs, gallery...etc). 

    By default you can add 5 custom sliders within theme settings, You can also set group permissions for each of the sliders, for example, guest slider or any other user groups.
    You can also enable Article Slider option to integrate with Pages articles, Once you create an article, it is automatically added to the sliders list Shows the author name, comments, views. pinned or featured icons, article image and with a readmore button links to article record, and that is not the only cool thing about the slider, the article slider is actually fully controllable within the block feed you create, for example showing featured articles or pinned, or showing to specific user groups  , This is basically a customized block feed template shows the records in the slider 
    You can add and have as many block feed as you want even from different Pages databases, for example creating sliders for guests or any other user groups you want  
    Newbie friendly and really easy to setup. :) 
  • Custom Full-sized Widget
    Add a custom widget on top or bottom of your website with group permissions, You can show it everywhere or selecting some useful pages to show the widget, for example login, register page, user profile pages, search page, and many more... Great for guest message or any other user groups, or to use it for custom ads and/or custom html.
  • Priority Navigation
    Responsive navigation to show your website menus in a beautiful drop down, drop up, fading, sliding effects, Colors are fully controllable and comes with a lot of settings to customize, text size, Google fonts, complete color change...etc).
  • Advanced Footer
    A secondary footer fully customizable, you can add Links, About us information, Social icons. You can even assign a block feed to the footer links,  You can easily change font colors, Hover colors, header colors, a custom background for About Us widget,  Custom background color, Gradients, background Images...etc).
  • Style your Forum Categories
    Style a specif forum category, For example adding a different background color or background gradients, text color, or a cover to the section, very useful if you have private sections.
  • Colorizer
    This theme colors are completely customization, you can change the entire look to a different colors.
    comes with a pre-setup of colors, you can with one click switch between a white or dark theme, there will be many more color schemes for this theme in feature updates :) 
  • A different article styles
    This theme comes free with A different article styles
    A beautiful design to show articles in one column, two column, three column, Two column first featured, Three column first featured, and a mini news feed block, you can assign the styles on the main database page or as a block anywhere you want, Clean coded and the templates are entirely responsive, it can work anywhere you want. it also comes with a plugin to customize the styles.
  • ...Comes with tons of useful settings and customization :) 


The images below are only some examples shows different colors, For a better look check the DEMO


One click to switch between two pre-setup colors

White and dark... there will be more color scheme in feature updates :)

Forums   IPS Community Suite-min.pngDark-Forums   IPS Community Suite-min.png


Boxed header

White-boxed-No-slider-topic-IPS Community Suite-min.pngdark-boxed-No-slider-topic-IPS Community Suite-min.png

White-boxed-No-slider-Forums   IPS Community Suite-min.pngWhite-boxed-Forums   IPS Community Suite-min.png


One of the article styles 

Three Column   IPS Community Suite-min.png



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