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  1. Yes please! Let the author choose what their minimum increment should be. Thank you!
  2. I see. So it's not a minimum bid increment (IE I must bid in $5 increments from $1 to $6 to $11), it is just the minimum allowed for the auction to sell. Is there a way to set a Minimum Increment (IE auction starts at $5 and bids must be $x above the last bid? For example, an auction starts at $10, minimum increment of $5. Meaning $11 isnt available but $15 is?)
  3. Hello @Spanner! The "Minimum Bid Increment" is not working on either "Auction" or "Auction + Buy Now". I have set a minimum bid of $5.00 and a price of $25. The auction starts at $1.00, and shows a minimum bid of $2.00. Hope this can be fixed. Cheers, Alex
  4. Hi @Spanner! We have another feature request, if it's possible. When a transaction completes, hold the funds in Escrow until both the seller and buyer agree that the transaction is complete. Since our community uses this for Buying/Selling Art, it would be nice to have the feature that the Seller can tick a "This commission is done" box, and the Buyer can tick a "I have received this commission" before the funds deposit into the Seller's account. If it's not possible, or if this would be an extra feature that would need to be paid or added on, just let us know. Thanks!
  5. Thank you! Another thing to note on the Auction or Auction + Buy Now is that the Minimum Bid Increment needs to be shown somewhere. Users are getting errors thrown because they don't know what that increment is. Probably best to slap this in the Bid window itself. Something along the lines of this in the modal: Sorry, can't edit this. Minimum Bid Increment doesn't appear to be functioning at the moment in "Auction" type.
  6. Got it. For some reason, they couldn't be quick translated.
  7. Hello @Spanner, we recently purchased this application, and I'm trying to find and change some of the wording around the application that isn't part of the language strings. On the Verification page: Upload files which allow to verify corectly datas And on the "Add company" page: In this field you can enter short company name In this field you can enter full company name Thanks!
  8. Thanks! When a user Bids or Buys, a select box that gives guidelines and rules (like the current one for Sellers) that a user must check before being able to bid or buyout. Essentially the user buying an item from the commissions/store would need to agree to the terms before placing a bid or buying an item. Cheers!
  9. @Spanner is there a way to add terms that a Buyer must agree to before being able to purchase or bid on an item? Even if they only have to agree one time before gaining access to the system?
  10. OK, that worked, thank you!
  11. Hi spanner, new problem: ParseError: syntax error, unexpected '...' (T_ELLIPSIS), expecting ')' (0) #0 [internal function]: IPS\IPS::autoloader('IPS\\sdsalespro\\...') #1 [internal function]: spl_autoload_call('IPS\\sdsalespro\\...') #2 /home/nginx/domains/anthrodynamics.com/public/system/Application/Application.php(797): class_exists('IPS\\sdsalespro\\...') #3 /home/nginx/domains/anthrodynamics.com/public/system/Application/Application.php(300): IPS\_Application->extensions('core', 'ProfileSteps', true, true) #4 /home/nginx/domains/anthrodynamics.com/public/system/Member/ProfileStep.php(314): IPS\_Application::allExtensions('core', 'ProfileSteps') #5 /home/nginx/domains/anthrodynamics.com/public/system/Member/ProfileStep.php(480): IPS\Member\_ProfileStep::actions() #6 /home/nginx/domains/anthrodynamics.com/public/applications/core/modules/admin/membersettings/profilecompletion.php(88): IPS\Member\_ProfileStep->form(Object(IPS\Helpers\Form)) #7 /home/nginx/domains/anthrodynamics.com/public/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(85): IPS\core\modules\admin\membersettings\_profilecompletion->form() #8 /home/nginx/domains/anthrodynamics.com/public/system/Node/Controller.php(62): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute() #9 /home/nginx/domains/anthrodynamics.com/public/applications/core/modules/admin/membersettings/profilecompletion.php(38): IPS\Node\_Controller->execute() #10 /home/nginx/domains/anthrodynamics.com/public/applications/core/modules/admin/membersettings/profiles.php(54): IPS\core\modules\admin\membersettings\_profilecompletion->execute() #11 /home/nginx/domains/anthrodynamics.com/public/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(85): IPS\core\modules\admin\membersettings\_profiles->__call('form', Array) #12 /home/nginx/domains/anthrodynamics.com/public/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(146): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute() #13 /home/nginx/domains/anthrodynamics.com/public/anthroadmin/index.php(14): IPS\_Dispatcher->run() #14 {main} This is on trying to add Profile Completion settings.
  12. Hi Spanner, are you holding out for 4.3 for this update? Also, can we choose which payment gateways are available for the updated version (3.0.0)? Cheers!
  13. @Spanner yep, seems the transaction deduction works now. Thanks!
  14. Yeah, I realize now after playing around with it that they're in alphabetical order, which is fine! But yeah, the transaction fee won't save. Displaying in the front end as 5% commission and 0.00$ transaction fee.
  15. 1. Thanks, that's alright. I hope you include this at some point! 2. Perfect, thank you. 3. Awesome, it seemed to work this time. Last thing, is it possible to be able to drag-and-drop reorder the FAQs? If not, how do you reorder them? Also, it seems I cannot set a transaction fee. I am attempting to set a 0.30$ fee with a 5% commission on top. It saves the 5% commission but not the 0.30$ fee. Thanks again!
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