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  1. Any ETA on Finished Development?
  2. Quick Questions for the new version 1. Did you ever check to see if you can make the game store show in the Commerce Coupon part? The part where you can pick which product the coupon can be used on and not used on 2. Did you ever check to make sure that referrals work with purchases of games?
  3. Totally AWESOME! You& Your Company's work is excellent!!
  4. I'm lovin the new improvements for this! Good job, this is gonna be a very Eye catching app, and i can already tell that once once customers see the new additions that it will make them want the games even more!
  5. Checking now lol, you are 100% right I feel so stupid, thank you and sry for making it seem as if the app had a bug i know i just wasted valuable time Thanks again your the Best!!
  6. ok, i will just have wait, since i already know that the next version will be good Worth the wait Thank you
  7. any thoughts on what i am doing wrong? I run v4.2.5 beta 3
  8. ok, please check back here as im about to try this again Ok, so i have this custom field "system" and when adding game, i dont see this custom field to add the system requirements text @Spanner
  9. dude have a good one, no one in their right mind would be listening to this Have a good day, this convo is over
  10. I can see that, that's why you made the price sky high...lmao
  11. lol, uhhh, no thx its just a code, and i know that it's not worth 60 sry buddy, just lost a customer....have a good one
  12. ok cool how can i get a version of this code and learn how to use..... i need this!!! lol
  13. ok, is this a personal plugin just for you? or is it available to public? and if available, can i buy it? and is it compatible with IPS v4.2.5?
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