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  1. @Spanner I understand what's wrong. I have enabled the parameter. I did not correctly understand the meaning of this option.
  2. This is a local installation on the Open Server...
  3. Hmm ... on default template, the exact same problem ... I will look for a problem still ...
  4. It is true, but IPS has a mechanism for upgrading and degrading packages, with or without the possibility of compensation between the packages. Now it is impossible to choose a package without offer pinned, and then reconsider your view and go to a package with pinned. Maybe it is not necessary, it can even bring this function as a Bump into a separately paid one. It will be even better. How I see perfect packages: 1. Ability to specify the allowable number of Offers in package (from 1 to infinity). Member does not pay for each of Offer, but immediately a lot, for example 10, 20, etc. 2. Ability change packages (both down and up) between packages. 3. Ability package renewal. 4. Expanded ability to highlight Offers (each separately within the same package) for a fee (Pinned offers, highlighting, etc.) 5. Transfer allowed number of images for Offer to package settings.A very useful feature is the ability to select an image for Offers from Gallery albums. Ideally, if you could Specify from which album to choose. This is important when a narrow pool of products is generally used, and their images are not so important, but there are a lot of offers for such products from different sellers. I would add a function that after a certain time (configured by the administrator) deleted offers that were expired (to save space).
  5. I was mistaken about the Bump. Characteristics screenshots provide
  6. 5. "Required / Optional" field function does not work. Field remains always "Required".
  7. 4. Sorting of Custom fields does not work when creating an offer (Fields are not aligned in order in which they are sorted in ACP, but according to which of fields was last saved / edited)
  8. Version 3.1.0 1. Characteristics set for Offers do not appear in Offer card when viewed. 2. Does not work Bump (in settings of package, option of Bump is set, but in fact there is no button / link to Offer Bump in listing). 3. Does user have no opportunity to change package??
  9. @Spanner I do not want to rush you or distract, but when will the solution to this problem? Actual ...
  10. @Spanner Payment for Offers will also take place using Packages or dare I hope that the approach I developed will be used?
  11. О коллекциях не забывайте) и все лучшее из версии 2 (ограничения) About Collections do not forget) And all the best of version 2 (Restrictions)
  12. Your application for me is basic, so I'm the slave of your application) Anything I can do - I'll help ...
  13. Foolish Google-translator ... sorry When 3.0 will be available?
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