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  1. (SD) Sales Portal Pro (Classifieds)

    @Spanner I do not want to rush you or distract, but when will the solution to this problem? Actual ...
  2. (SD) Sales Portal Pro 3.0.0 - Small preview

    3.0 will be a new app or update for v2?
  3. (SD) Sales Portal Pro 3.0.0 - Small preview

    @Spanner Payment for Offers will also take place using Packages or dare I hope that the approach I developed will be used?
  4. (SD) Sales Portal Pro 3.0.0 - Small preview

    О коллекциях не забывайте) и все лучшее из версии 2 (ограничения) About Collections do not forget) And all the best of version 2 (Restrictions)
  5. (SD) Sales Portal Pro 3.0.0 - Small preview

    Your application for me is basic, so I'm the slave of your application) Anything I can do - I'll help ...
  6. (SD) Sales Portal Pro 3.0.0 - Small preview

    Foolish Google-translator ... sorry When 3.0 will be available?
  7. (SD) Sales Portal Pro 3.0.0 - Small preview

    mmm... mmm... What are the terms of implementation?
  8. (SD) Sales Portal Pro (Classifieds)

    Otherwise, the restrictions will not work correctly. Thank you.
  9. (SD) Sales Portal Pro (Classifieds)

    But, this is wrong ... There should be a check when renew expired Offers, and if the limit of active Offers is reached, then an error should appear with information that the limit of Active Offers has been reached, and not allow more than allowed quantity to be renewed...
  10. (SD) Sales Portal Pro (Classifieds)

    I understand that, now does not checking available quantity active Offers when renew an Expired Offers? Ie, If only 10 Offers are available to user, he published them, after some time Offers became overdue, user published 10 more Offers, and then Renew first 10 Offers (in customer center), then he will have 20 active Offers?
  11. (SD) Sales Portal Pro (Classifieds)

    If not difficult, to hook for User Menu add a title <li class='ipsMenu_title'>{lang="sdsalespro_title"}</li> {{if \IPS\Application::appIsEnabled( 'sdsalespro' ) && !\IPS\Member::loggedIn()->sd_salespro_ban_access}} <li class='ipsMenu_title'>{lang="sdsalespro_title"}</li> <li class='ipsMenu_item' data-menuItem='sdsalespro'><a href='{url="app=sdsalespro&module=customer&controller=manage" seoTemplate="sdsalespro_customer"}' title='{lang="sd_salespro_my_offers"}'>{lang="sd_salespro_my_offers"}</a></li> {{endif}}
  12. (SD) Sales Portal Pro (Classifieds)

    Right, sorry. Perfectly!
  13. (SD) Sales Portal Pro (Classifieds)

    v.2.4.1 Offers not deleting, just was marking red color, but not deleting. And, after clicking to Delete, happens redirecting to home page SPP. Logically, user must remain on same page. Would be nice if in Customer center, on My Offers tab, it would be possible to massively manage Offers (as on tab Offers for renewal - using checkboxes) Edit, Delete, End, Bump.
  14. (SD) Sales Portal Pro (Classifieds)

    Hello, Spanner! SPP v.2.4.0 User Group settings has setting "Can delete OWN offers?", but owner not may deleting own offers, just button not exist.
  15. (SD) Sales Portal Pro (Classifieds)

    When creating custom fields, setting Connect categories by default, select ALL categories, it is a problem when more than 1,000 categories... Is it possible to change the approach to the choice of categories? It would be convenient if when select / unselect from parent category, all child categories are also will be selected / unselected. And, implementation different values of Custom fields Excellent! Thank you so much!

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