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  1. support909

    (SD) Company Directory

    Saw the update on IPS. Thanks!
  2. support909

    (SD) Company Directory

    Will this work with 4.2?
  3. support909

    (SD) Outdate Emails

    Is this going to work with v4.2? I haven't tested it out yet.
  4. support909

    (SD) Outdate Emails

    2.0.1 I only noticed it today because I was adding all the bounced emails I got from Amazon into the import vs. going into the profiles. I kept getting bounces from email addresses I already added. When I picked a user which was shown as "skipped" via the import, I checked their profile and under the outdated tab the outdate email wasn't engaged / checked.
  5. support909

    (SD) Outdate Emails

    Hello. I noticed when I add an email via the import email it doesn't trigger it in the member / outdated tab. Meaning, if I add the email address via the import emails, it says added, and then when I go in and check the members "(SD) Outdate Email" tab, the "outdate email address" is NOT checked.
  6. support909

    (SD) Company Directory

    In addition the the "fix javascript" issue with the menu manager, I'm getting a 404 error when I submit a company. It is adding the company, but is returning a 404 when I click submit. Like I mentioned, I'm using Nginx and have removed all the restrictions on locations to test it out. Not having any other issues in regards to Nginx locations for any of the other 3rd party applications I'm using. In the Error log: 2T187/2 Cannot find the page you requested /companies/submit/?do=submit&category=1&_new=1
  7. support909

    (SD) Company Directory

    Hello. I used your "fix javascript" in the tools and now nothing is showing up in the menu manager when I click on one of the menus on the left - all that I have is blue on the right now. I'm running the latest IPB on Nginx. Also, it might be good to be able to toggle "featured" on and off in the company listing. This way I can sell the upgrade in the sites store and not be forced to have the company create their own listing to pay. This would allow me to add a company myself and when the company saw the listing would be able to pay to upgrade the listing without creating a new listing. Not all companies are going to add to the company listing themselves, I'm going to have to add them myself.

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