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  1. Do you have a plan to redesign widgets for other pages (main and other community pages) for adaptive design? Also for view in widgets better dispaly only picture, header and price
  2. Any news about new release?
  3. ok widget "latest offer" need filter for disable to show "ended offer"
  4. feature request: Add "disable invoice" if package have 0 renewal price
  5. Opinions does not show in Activity feeds, also email notification about new opinion does not work
  6. Nope, it is possible) Try to change filter settings, if price is unfilled (blank) Sample: USD = 100 Eur= blank Filter in USD position – offer will show in list Filter in EUR position – offer will not show in list (because field is blank)
  7. Hi! Good new release, thanks! Currency filter – how it works? If it only filter, they must show currency that was choosen only, and "offer" whis other currency can not be showed to users – I think so)
  8. Error with renew offers: It is a big problem because many offers need to renewal
  9. 1 offer (like merge posts) primary – secondary model. Also type of offer needed to. Buy, Sell, Exchange
  10. Feature Request: Administrator must have rights for merge "offers" Add mass actions this "offer" for administrator like a move, renew, sold, hide, delete Bug: Whan offer deleted, topic stay alive
  11. The search index rebuild process help to correct this issue)
  12. Error when try to create offer this new package: REPLACE INTO `core_search_index` ( `index_class`, `index_object_id`, `index_item_id`, `index_container_id`, `index_title`, `index_content`, `index_permissions`, `index_date_created`, `index_date_updated`, `index_author`, `index_hidden`, `index_item_index_id`, `index_item_author`, `index_is_last_comment` ) VALUES ( 'IPS\sdsalespro\Offer', 210, 210, 33, 'TEST CLASSIFIEDS', '', '4', 1470148634, 1470148634, 4, 0, NULL, NULL, 4 ) IPS\Db\Exception: Duplicate entry '81527' for key 'PRIMARY' (1062) #0 /home/toytundr/public_html/system/Db/Db.php(688)
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