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  1. Steph40

    (SD) Course Box

    Hi @Spanner, Thank you for this app. Just one small question, can I add categorie image, if yes, how, I dont see an option in acp.
  2. @Spanner Thank you!! Everything works now.
  3. companies are not showing, on your site either.
  4. @Spanner Upgraded to 3.7.0 I can not see the map when adding a new compagnie, do I need an api? I switch to openstreetmap. I am sure I forgot a setting somewhere.
  5. Really happy and excited with the new version. Thank you!!!!!
  6. I think your next version includes what I want.
  7. The price I charge them to post an ad, say Category 1 = posting cost free Category 2 = posting cost 5$ Category 3 = posting cost 50$ etc...
  8. Hi I think I have asked you before but can't remember, would it be possible to have different price for different categories?
  9. Steph40

    (SD) My Places

    I just bought it. I will hold you to that statement
  10. Steph40


    Test 2 kml
  11. Steph40

    (SD) My Places

    @Spanner I tried garmin and tomtom with same result
  12. Steph40

    (SD) My Places

    @Spanner Ok here is what I did, created a map this route: http://gebweb.net/optimap/index.php?id=8RuGCpzq Exported it to gpx, imported in your app and I get this: Not really good, very sorry. I really want to like it
  13. Steph40

    (SD) My Places

    And creating a route with waypoints in possible inside your app?
  14. Steph40

    (SD) My Places

    @SpannerSaw the video and created a place in the test places. Wanted to add 3 markers in 1 city but could not figure it out. Is it possible to add more then 1 marker?
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