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  1. @Spanner Hello! Fix please.
  2. This is not critical. Everything works fine for you. But! If the resource is newly created. For old resources with the Trader Feedback System, this is inconvenient (we will not nullify the reputation of user sales) and you have to disable your feedback system. Here I am talking to this. Also, users complain: when submitting a purchase request through an ad, the ad closes automatically. Can someone regulate it?
  3. Our resource has been using the Trader Feedback System application for quite some time and over 100,000 reviews for purchases have been submitted. The “Trader Feedback System” application is already embedded in your SD sales application and it works fine, but we cannot use it because it is impossible to transfer old reviews to sd sales for purchases. Therefore, I ask - is it possible to transfer reviews for purchases from a third-party application to yours. It would be very convenient.
  4. This function is very necessary Or you can transfer feedback from Trader Feedback System - to your application?
  5. Sorry, I do not know how to do it
  6. Only one is in translation, but the translation does not work
  7. @Spanner Hello! Fix please You can make it so that on the main page of the application the latest added sentences are displayed (fresh)
  8. It was exposed a long time ago.
  9. @Spanner Nothing is deleted, 60 days are set in the settings.
  10. @Spanner Hello! Thank you for the new ability to delete ads. But with this opportunity a few questions arose. Is it possible to add to the term of deleted ads - user groups whose ads will be deleted. Why is it important. There are user groups such as Sponsors, VIP, etc. They have ads for years/months. And we are afraid that they will be deleted. Thanks for your work!
  11. For us, this is not critical, we have our own feedback system for purchases. Just the size of the forum has grown from 10G to 32G in just one year. Please make a button to remove closed and hidden ads.
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