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  1. My pleasure, Spanner. But THANK YOU for this application. I will tell you a past experience. It was during a time where there were some bugs with my own website and I wasn't ready to sell yet. As I remember it had to do with my payment system... anyway here is what happened. I was walking through a town called Dalyan. There are a lot of restaurants, bars, and places catering to foreigners. Outside of these places are workers trying to get passers-by to come in to their shop. They always say hello and ask where you are from. I was just there to add various government organizations and hospitals to the directory, but when one of them started talking to me, I said I was American, but I lived in Antalya. "What are you doing here in Dalyan?" one of them asked me. I said "I am working for a popular website about Turkey. I am here to find places that tourists are looking for. Like government offices, hospitals, and things like that. We want to show the tourists where these places are so they can find them easily. Soon we will be opening this for businesses, would you like to see the project?" "Yes, of course," he said. "Please come in!" So I went in, and I showed him the Company Directory. I wasn't ready to start selling yet because of the payment system problems I was having at the time... but I showed him Company Directory and what I had so far. He was very impressed. I presented it not as "advertising." Everybody is sick of "advertising." I presented it as a completely new concept. The customer buys space, a one-page website, that they have complete access to at any time. If you say it like that, it sounds like something nobody has ever heard of before. "How can we get in there?" He asked. I told him it cost $40 USD. He hesitated. Then I said "per year." "Per year?" he asked. He thought it was $40 per month! He said he definitely wanted to have a profile there. I said I wasn't ready for paid profiles yet, but that I would come back again. Then he said "do you have time? I want to take you to my brother's bar. He will also want to be in on this." So he took me to meet his brother. I showed him. Another instant sale. His brother took me to another place, and I showed them too. They also saw it, were impressed, and ready to buy. I wasn't in Dalyan to sell anything. I just answered the questions these guys asked while I was walking by, asked them if they wanted to see it, they said yes, I showed them, and could have made a sale instantly if I was ready at the time. This happened 15 times, in two days, with what would have been 15 instant sales That's $300 per day. For that reason I bought a Samsung tablet. It comes in a case with a Bluetooth keyboard. I could just walk around with a tablet and talk to business owners, show them Company Directory, and make a sale on the spot. The reason I am not running all around Turkey selling profiles in my Company Directory is only because I don't think my site is popular enough yet to be sure the companies will renew. I want to make sure of that first. So my project now is to create article sections about various things in Turkey first. One of the sections I will be writing will have to do with shopping. With subsections about carpets, jewelry, porcelain, souvenirs, etc... I want to get traffic coming in to those articles first, so I can link to a corresponding section in Company Directory. Then when I visit them, shop-by-shop, I can know that they will not only buy a profile, but that they will also renew next year, and the next, and the next. I will do the same for doctors, dentists, lawyers, you name it. With each article about these topics I produce, with a link to a corresponding category in Company Directory, it gives me something to sell, for $40 per year. A low price, but if the traffic is coming in, they will all renew every year, and that rolling snowball will grow, and grow. But the real pleasure was to see a company come to my site, create their own profile, become a member, and pay me for it, without me ever visiting them, talking to them, or assisting them. That is the beauty of Company Directory.
  2. I'd like to provide some positive feedback on my use of Company Directory. About a week ago, a Turkish company came to my directory at TurkeyCentral.com and, without assistance or contacting me, they added their business profile as a guest (I have my settings that way). Then during the submission process they were able to join as a member, pay with their credit card, and have their business profile live immediately. Because I have a Turkish language pack, they were able to add their description in both Turkish and English (and two other languages if they want). So while my competition has to go back and forth with their customers, having to to do everything for them, I have a "self-service" business directory. 🙂 I also visit companies and use my tablet to show them the directory. They are very impressed with it, it is better than the other directories they have seen. On the spot, during the conversation, I can set up their basic profile and get payment by credit card. Then I can do the rest with the additional stuff they send me by email (logo, photos, more detailed description, etc). But the "self service" way of setting things up is my favorite feature of this application. Because of its ease-of-use and the self-service feature, I can also keep my price far below my competitors. For example, one of my competitors has multiple offices in Turkey with the resulting rent and overhead. For the same listing their site (which is less popular than mine), they are charging around $250 USD per year. I charge $40 USD per year. An irresistibly-low price, but highly likely to get customers to automatically renew every year as I accumulate more and more customers. Another positive aspect of Company Directory is that I can add government organizations and places that English-speaking foreigners need to find. For example, the place where they need to go to get their residence permit. These are excellent "link bait." I can also post these pages in various Facebook groups (and even forums) without being accused of spamming, because from time to time group members ask where various things are. My Sales Plan Here's my plan for making lots of money with Company Directory. I will be out making personal sales a lot more in the future (Turks often prefer personal meetings to internet transactions). But first I am writing a lot of articles to bring in potential customers. For example, I will be writing an article about buying carpets in Antalya, a major shopping destination in Turkey. At the end of that article I'll have a link to my Company Directory's section for carpet shops in Antalya. Then I will visit all of the carpet shops, show them what I have, set up their basic profiles and get paid instantly. Then I will give them an e-mail address to send me anything they don't have handy (logo, more detailed description, translations of their description, photos, etc). I'll then do the same with bars, restaurants, leather shops, lawyers, doctors, etc. Then I will go to the next city and do the same, and so on.... I think we can make a lot of money with Company Directory, So I wanted to share my own ideas hoping it might help others do the same. Hats off to Spanner for developing this app, and for his first-class support.
  3. My problem is that I am using Company Directory and also Sales Portal Pro. In Company Directory, I am setting the price. I want the price for a company profile page to be in US dollars. This goes directly to Stripe for a credit card charge in US dollars. But in Sales Portal Pro, the seller is setting the price. This doesn't go to any credit card processor, it is just the price they are writing for the item being sold. I want the seller to be able to choose their currency. Firstly Turkish Lira, but also Euros or GB pounds. How would I set it so that the price in Company Directory is in US dollars and the price in Sales Portal Pro is in Turkish Lira?
  4. I know this might be a "Commerce" thing, but I cannot seem to find a solution. How can I change the currency by which my customers are charged? I have it set to charge customers in Turkish Lira, and I need to change the setting so they are charged in US Dollars. How would I do that?
  5. Is there a way to fix this with the logos? In the business profile page itself, it is correct: But in the business listings it looks like this:
  6. I'm using 350x350 pixel images for the company covers. When I view the company directory on my iPhone, the companies' covers take up the whole screen, one after the other. Is there a way to get the companies to display in a simple "list view" on mobile devices, instead of displaying the company cover images? Attached is a screenshot from my iPhone to show how they are being displayed now.
  7. I am liking this latest upgrade. I found a remaining bug... When there is no e-mail address for the company, the "envelope" icon still appears. When the user clicks on it, thinking they can send an e-mail to the company, they get a message saying: "You don't have permission to use contact form."
  8. Disregard, I found it. It's just under the field name in the admin CP.
  9. Thanks Spanner! It's working perfectly now. The way I've got it set up, the person just has to add the URL like this: www.yoursite.com, with no "http://" and no trailing slash (/). I recall you said there was a field description that I could use to explain that to the person entering the URL, but I can't find it.
  10. Spanner, the way you did this: Is perfect. Thanks. Now the profile owner can just enter "www.whatever.com," or just their Facebook name, etc... But on the company profile, it's displaying like this: Apparently something isn't parsing. I tried re-saving the page, but it's still there. Can you advise please? I also notice you have two {content} places in the URL box, is that a mistake? Also, it's set up so I can enter just the www.whatever.com part. But when I try to enter it this way, I get a warning saying "please enter a URL" and it sends me back to the website field. In the admin CP, the "Field Type" has a dropdown list, and this is set to "URL." Then below that, it has the "Custom display format" and "Use own display format." I think it might not be working because the Field Type is set to "URL." Do I need to change that so the custom display format will work?
  11. Thanks for your quick attention to that, Spanner. I agree about removing the second search function. This was something I suggested and now I see it was a bad idea.
  12. I already have many profiles under a "free" package I created, since in the previous versions, that was the only way I could find to add businesses for free. Since there is now an option in group permissions so that specified groups don't have to pay, I am going to move all of these businesses to the "paying" package and just not pay, since my group permissions allow me to do that. Then when they are all moved, I will delete the "free" package. The problem is that when I went to edit the first business, I got this error: Fatal error: Call to a member function message() on null in /home/turkeyc/public_html/applications/companydirectory/modules/front/companydirectory/entry.php on line 209
  13. What I mean is the additional search function you added, with the radio buttons for category, company, country, etc. I know I gave you input on that, but it was probably not a good idea. The IPB search handles it just fine without the additional search option, since when the user is in the company directory it searches the company directory by default. Users can just enter "Chinese restaurant Antalya" and they get what they are looking for anyway. So after testing the current version, it looks like the IPB global search is enough.
  14. OK thanks Spanner. There's still the problem with the local search not working. If it can't be fixed, how can I remove it?
  15. I just installed Company Directory 3.3.1. I see that I still can't use it and I can't sell business profiles. Local Search As I said in my recommendations for a local search option, the way it is set up WILL NOT work for us. Obviously, the user will need something like "dentist" in "Istanbul." They won't need every dentist in the entire country and they won't need every business in Istanbul. But the way it is (if you can get it to work), these are the only search options available. And with the "country" search option, nobody is going to search for every type of business in a country. There is still no option for searching for a type of company in the city where they are. Search Test Doing a test search, I searched "Category => Dentists", I have no dentists yet, this was just a test. The search results were simply a page of the latest companies added. The result should have been a "not found" message. I searched by company. There is a "Vanilla" restaurant in Antalya so that should have been in the search results. It wasn't. I only got the latest companies added in the results. I searched for city. "izmir." Again, same results. **** Again, this search setup will not work for us. Please see my recommendations so people can search for the business they need, where they ARE. "Chinese Restaurant--Ankara." "Accountant--Izmir." "Travel Agent--Antalya." This is what they will need.*** Adding company profiles for free I am still unable to sell company listings, because I still can't add profiles for government organizations, hospitals, etc... for free, without having to create a "free" package which is visible (and selectable) to everyone. The "free" package is being displayed to guests as well as a package for 175 Turkish Lira. Obviously they are going to choose the "free" package because there is no way to make it only visible to admin and moderators. "Fix JavaScript Problem" This button is still displaying under Company Directory => Tools/Tools List. I clicked it once, then went to do a test-add of a profile, then came back and the button was appearing again. I still cannot sell any business profiles. What improvements have been made? I see that now the user can add a city, and that a package can now be set to "unlimited." But other than that, what improvements were made in the latest upgrade? Also please see my references to how other popular business directories have their local search set up... they do it that way for a reason.
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