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  1. Blaming credit cards f young adults' money woes is popular these days; high-school and college students are putting way too many college expenses and other charges on their cards, the thinking goes. , But as credit-card issuers and Congress race to crack down on over-browing, do we risk barring the do so tightly that teens miss out on opptunities to learn financial responsibility? In a recent article that bucks the popular wisdom about teen credit-card use, my colleague Karen Blumenthal cites a study that suggesting credit cards may be merely a scapegoat f a lack of family communication
  2. My 15-year-old is disinclined to work for her GCSEs, saying her time is better spent preening herself in preparation for assignations with her delightful, diligent, privately educated, moneyed boyfriend. She insists the money spent on nail-painting, hair-colouring and the like is an investment and will be more than repaid when he marries her. Is she deluding herself? ,   Dear Curious Mother,   Surprising as this may seem in the 21st century, your daughter's strategy is not unusual. Evidence on speed-dating gathered by the economists Michèle Belot and Marco Francesconi shows that women
  3. The view over a valley of a tiny village with thatched(草盖的)roof cottages around a church; a drive through a narrow village street lines with thatched cottages painted pink or white; the sight in parts of England.Most people will agree that the thatched roof is an essential part of the attraction of the English countryside.   Thatching is in fact the oldest of all the building crafts practiced in the British Isles(英论诸岛). Although thatch has always been used for cottage and farm buildings, it was once used for castles and churches, too.     Thatching is a solitary(独自的)craft, which often ru
  4. For any given task in Britain there are more men than are needed. Strong unions keep them there in Fleet Street, home of some London’s biggest dailies, it is understood that when two unions quarrel over three jobs, the argument is settled by giving each union two. Thru means 33 per cent over manning, ,,33 per cent less productivity than could be obtained. A reporter who has visited plants throughout Europe has an impression that the pace of work is much slower here. Nobody tries tm hard. Tea breaks do matter and are frequent. It is hard to measure intensity of work, but Britons give a distinc
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