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  1. I already deleted whole mod and hook and also deleted all files and everything, it still only makes the topic sitemaps. Also for some reason, when I run the task manually it gets LOCKED afterwards?
  2. File permission is correct, 777 all the sitemap files. Same permission as topics sitemap, but still not writing
  3. All are CHMOD, already checked. Why is user and INDEX not being updated?
  4. Ok its working now. But only TOPICS sitemaps are being built, and INDEX is not being built, also USER sitemaps is not being built. Also task is always LOCKING after I run it manually, why....... How to fix this
  5. I recently switched from APACHE to NGINX. And now this mod not working anymore..... Can you tell me how to make it work with Nginix as well?
  6. Are you running this mod on 3.2.1? Is it working fine for you?
  7. Can you tell me how I can run this from cron?
  8. No, all are working fine, just your task is not running automatically, always have to run it manually in order to make or update sitemaps.
  9. I changed time, still it is not running automatically....I have to run it manually all the time.... How to fix? Thanks.
  10. Sitemaps are not rebuilding on its own from the Scheduler....I have to manually run the task to make it run... Why is that? I am on 3.2.1 Please let me know how to fix.
  11. You mean you cannot add "Add calendar events?" to the sitemap? I do not need calendar events anyway, I just want topics and user profiles sitemaps to be created without any issue. Can it do that on 3.2? Thanks.
  12. Hey, IPB 3.2 was released today, and before upgrading, I want to know will this hook work perfectly with IPB 3.2? Please let me know, because I do not want to upgrade if this hook will not work with 3.2 Thanks.
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