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  1. Hi spanner, Is there any update about more-over ping issue ? and i agree with Blair statement, But i totally disagree that low and stable priority lose trust. But i have suggestion for this modification. When we create a topic then this mod track and update the sitemap quickly and ping to all search engines. because some time many things are unique and if the thing are publish before everyone then it gave you high search ranking and query impact, result of this good traffic. and i think this modification is all about visibility in search engine and search engine visibility is all about
  2. great skin
  3. Hello spanner, i tested it and its working fine on 3.1.2 but it always failed to ping moreover. Sitemaps failed to ping MoreOver. all other pinging fine.
  4. Hello spanner, could this work with fURL ? i means when we enable fURL on ip.board so could it work and generate appropriate sitemap ? i have 3.2 version. and i i have used this modification at my old 2.3 version which was great. EDIT: Another question. now i have installed this on my localhost. and hope its working on this. i have following option in hook settings. "Please select forums would you like included in the sitemaps." i have selected all my forums included categories and some forums treat as categories so could its fine OR I Just select forums which have topics and members
  5. nope nothing happen :( .. is there any mod OR tutorial that show how can we show 5 images from IP.gallery ? no matter that is random or last 5 or latest 5. i just wanted to show 5 images on index from ip.gallery 2.2.3
  6. Hello, i understand spanner but i know you are a good PHP developer + IPB its the reason i have came and ask here. you don't need to do anything in this mod just look this tutorial in my first post and see the 2 templates and just tell me what is the wrong in skin template that not showing the random images because the 2 templates i taken from OLD 5 random images modification that available at invisionize. just look this below templates this all templates codes for old gallery you need to just tell me what call i put in the templates that show random images from that modification tutoria
  7. sorry for confusion i made. actually i have taken this tutorial from another IPB official brazilian forum and the tutorial damaged after admin convert his forum to IPB 3 just half part visible to there but the skin part is missing and damaged i have asked him to make it another for 2.3 users but he said he have leave 2.3 series from aged and he is only give support to just IPB 3.x i need just a little help what i put in the skin part that show 5 random images from IP.Gallery 2.3.3 as this tutorial make for. thanks
  8. hello, this part //----------------------------------------- // Get the topic ID's to serialize and store into // the database //----------------------------------------- found 4 time but not no after which part add next code as mentioned in fresh install file. IPB 2.3.4
  9. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING, expecting ')' in C:\wamp\www\forum\sources\action_admin\moderator.php on line 368
  10. i have 2.3.4 IP Board version and my hosting is shared i have checked MYSQL port from acp>sql system var> port is 3306 can i still apply this tutorial to my board ? some time when i posted then my forum give me a "connection time out" msg that actually came from SERVER side due to too many connection with database i think.
  11. Hello Spanner :) i found a Tutorial for IP.Gallery 2.2.3 that show how can randomly show 5 images on Board index 2.2.6 here is code Open Sources/Action_public/boards.php find $this->process_all_cats(); ad after $this->rand_gallery_images(); find } ?> add above function rand_gallery_images() { $rand5_html = ""; if ( $this->ipsclass->vars['gallery_offline'] || ! $this->ipsclass->member['id'] ) { return $rand5_html; } $thi
  12. hi when i apply this so its show multi entries 1 of top of index and second right side
  13. hi thanks spanner but where i check this code ? in which file ? thanks
  14. but this all forums IDS i putted in google sitemap generator. then how can u know this error is not from GSMG ?
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