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  1. sorry i did not get back to you sooner. I was waiting for this week's spoilers to test it out. Unfortunately, you are right. it is difficult to get it to work on all occasions. Hiding this week's television spoilers does not work. :(
  2. Normal text with no special formatting: Below is a portion of exactly what i was trying to hide. The Impact Zone is full with obvious curiosity over who "they" is especially since "they" aren't who they were supposed to be. Dark Match: * Robbie E w/Cookie vs. Josh Daniels. Winner with Madison Rayne's boot to the chin drop finisher, Robbie E. TNA Impact (Airing Thursday on Spike TV): * Impact starts with Immortal out (everybody but Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair). Eric Bischoff says they have business to take care of. They sent Scott Steiner a special invitation so come on down.
  3. sorry for my polish, im using a translator. I think i found a bug. I entered in a long spoiler text and suddenly the mod does not work. It seems to only work for text that has a few short lines. Would be more than willing to donate if this is fixed. Also, is there a way to use another tag instead of <pre> with this?
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