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  1. I mean when someone quotes or multiquotes the post with the hidden code they see the hidden part. And also for the Ipb portal. The hidden content shows there at the recent topics. I did not see the paypal link. I will make it worth while. Are you available for paid work? You seem to know a lot about oding and I need several mods. Can you please pm your hourly rates?
  2. Sorry for the double post. But how to hide it for when an use uses the reply and the multiquote buttons? And please pm me your paypal account. I plan to make a donation to you as soon as my paycheck is in. You have been very helpful. Thank you again sir.
  3. Thank you very much. I will try it out this week. What about the portal please? How can I hide it there too?
  4. What about my question? Will you please look into it? I am willing to donate to you if you find a solution.
  5. Hi. This mod works great for me but when the groups that I dont wanna see the hidden post inside the code tags click the reply or the multireply button. They see the hidden post at the post preview too. Can you fix them? I will be willing to donate something to you for your troubles.
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