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  1. Hello again I have bought and installed your app, and I have a problem I just can't figure out. When I use google directions all is fine, but when I upload a gpx file I just get a grey screen. On your site her it is all fine with the same gpx file - is there a setting I have missed in google map setup? Does this app use the IPS setup for google as well? Could you copy exact what settings I need to have in google? https://www.ipsbeyond.pl/places/place/7-this-is-a-test/ (This link does not embed here)
  2. I'm sorry I made all these tests on your site. Seems like I have some problem get it to work properly. If I create a route and save it is OK. But if I like to update route - I get an EX0 Error Also. I need the possibility to upload large GPX files with several routes in same GPX file, but when I do that only the first route is displayed. I can give you a sample on PM if you like to have a look.. Is that at all possible?
  3. Thanks for reply. I have tested your app here. I would need to find a way to use my own maps on your app. I have several apps that have that functionality - developed by Martin A, so I might find a way through that. A lot of good work has been done- I notice that nearby places uses ip(?) to find position. When I add my routes I can't see nearby routes - even if I add routes around the area I live. Is that a bug or something I do wrong? I live in Brønnøysund, Norway
  4. this is just another test
  5. Hello Spanner I like this app, and I'm planning on buying it, but I would need a few small changes. I will use it in outdor site. I Is it possible in an easy way to alter map? As a starting point at least have Open Topo Map. I would like to use my native map provider here in Norway, but I can see if I can alter that myselve also after I buy. Would it be possible to have a main map that shows all the routes you have? Do you need to add a starting point, or is it enough to have only gpx route..?
  6. This is just a test
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