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  1. Well, I was wondering if I should replace my use of the Collections addon, and use My Places GARAGE instead. Here is an example of the fields I have, like Make / Year / Modifications / Etc... But maybe that is more than you intend for the Garage portion?
  2. I get the following error when trying to Add a Place. Is it because I upgraded to Invision Community
  3. 6. How do members delete items from their "Garage"?
  4. Ignore #3 - I see that is driven by the fueling. 5. Can we change the fuel unit from Liters to Gallons (for the US)?
  5. Is it possible to add custom fields to the "My Garage" section of the application? Is it possible to have no "Categories" and bypass that selection when adding a new route? On the items in "My Garage" - I see a "Combustion" field. How do members edit this / fill this out? Can I disable the requirement of Gas Stations in the fueling logs?
  6. Test route adding.
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