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  1. Would you know when you might be able to? I can plan accordingly.
  2. Wondering if you have been able to investigate this? I am holding off on making the app public as i see being flooded with addresses but no map location. thanks, steve
  3. Thank you for looking and fixing all the things! I cannot require an Address as not all companies in our directory will have a physical location as some are online only and some people enering the data might not know exact location on the map as the company will not be entered by the owner. steve
  4. Is it possible at all to change this so that a click on the map is not required? Similar to how "Address" filed is in IPB. I see many people not doing this part as they will assume entering the address is enough. Also, some people adding the company would not know where exactly on the map the building is located and will need to go to a different map service to do the the exact search. I meant the actual address field. on the search, i can start typing my address or any address and the filed will start giving suggestions. Once done, my marker appears on the map. There is no need t
  5. It now working on the Company Directory View, but still same issue in the Categories view? https://www.bmw2002faq.com/companies/category/1-repair-shops/ And the listing in the "Specializations" still uses the old style grid https://www.bmw2002faq.com/companies/specialization/6-maintenance/ btw, is it possible to run this without categories?
  6. Admin does not seem to have the ability to manage Galleries for the profiles. Can that be added?
  7. Thank you. That part is working now! I have a few more though 🙂 Map related. When trying to add a new company, just adding the address does not put the pin on the map. A spot has to be clicked to put the pin. So even if the address is fully entered, the Map will not show up The search for the Nearby Business does the Auto-populate for the address, bu the entry for the address does not. Is that intentional or something on my end? Thanks, Steve K.
  8. Also, i was able to find most of places where i could turn "opinions" to reviews in the Dictionary, but i cannot seem to find this one. Can you let me know where i can change it to Reviews? Thank you! This one is not that big of a problem, but do you know why the second line of tags is so close to the top line I apologize for all the questions, but I just got this and trying to get things goin quick. Looks good 🙂 Thank you, Steve K.
  9. Thank you! Got the Map and Permissions sorted. the "New Grid" does not seem to load correctly https://www.bmw2002faq.com/companies/ Anything i can look at? Thank you, Steve K
  10. And it also looks like i lost ability to add companies as an administrator
  11. What is needed for the map to show up in the company profile?
  12. Excellent! Thank you! Any chance of possibly adding Feedback Support in the near future? It is currently heavily used on my site and would love to keep this functionality. steve k.
  13. I have a several pre-purchase questions: I see Expiration dates and time in the screen shots. Do all ads have to expire or can they be set without expiration dates? Does the application work with User Feedback application? https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/3366-trader-feedback-system/ Is it possible for users to buy an option to pin their post to the top of the list for certain period of time? similar to https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/9220-pay-to-pin-topics/ Thank you! Steve K.
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