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  1. James

    (SD) Pages

    Hi Spanner. It worked. Thank you so much. ❤️
  2. James

    (SD) Pages

    Is anyone able to help me? Sorry to be a nuisance. I'm just not very good at this stuff.
  3. James

    (SD) Pages

    Hello Thank you for getting back to me. I found the genericBlock which is: {{if $title}} {template="pageHeader" app="core" group="global" location="front" params="$title"} {{endif}} <div class='{{if $classes}}{$classes}{{endif}}'> {$content|raw} </div> So what do I put in this exactly? Sorry for this. My knowledge on this is limited.
  4. James

    (SD) Pages

    Hello. I just need some help with this. Is there anyway to add the background box? So for example, currently when I type some text, as below where I have all the words "test", it sits straight on top of the wallpaper (see image 1) So for example, on the home page, you have all the categories, such as You have the darker banner on the top "Our Servers" which works on this plugin, but I just want to know if the lighter transparent box under the title an be added to this. So basically I could add some text on top of it.
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