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  1. Oh jeez, did not even see those options there... permissions in two places. lol. Ok, next... how can companies be notified of new reviews? Currently don't see it. Ok, so then is the app one useless? Under content for group's moderation we have... But under the group for company directory we have... So then what does "can avoid moderation queues" do...?
  2. What do you mean? Right now I do not have moderate new content but new reviews are being forced to be approved by admin.
  3. @Spanner Is there a way to turn off requiring approval for reviews/opinions? It does not show up anywhere other than via email. I.e. not under moderator approval list. Only place it is listed is the actual review itself. OR making it an option for the review author/owner to approve the review.
  4. So here is my challenge.... Below is a screen shot of the 4 categories I have setup. The left, is our featured vendors, who happen to be both stores and gun ranges. Then I have a category for public ranges. The challenge is... a number of of Vendors are also Public ranges. There absolutely needs to be a way to be listed in more than one category.
  5. Yes, so really need the ability to have the company listed in more than one category. Having multiple profiles makes it much tougher. Also... if we are admin, we should have the ability to create company news for anyone, and not be forced to change author to self, post it, then change author again. Lastly, where are the reviews for the companies stored? If we want to manually add/import from another program/app.
  6. What version of IPB are you running this on? Just wondering how many of these issues are as a result of running 4.4 beta.
  7. Also, running into a situation, we NEED to have the ability for one company to be listed in multiple categories. Is this even possible right now?
  8. So going through.... There is one thing desperately needed... a search by company name! Like here in the filters.... And on main company directory page.
  9. Okay, I must be going crazy... I have "suggestions" on... but for the love of it all, cannot find the page/link to suggest companies!
  10. So just to update, was able to import about 300 companies. The only issue I found is that you cannot easily upload, attach the correct city (as it is set as an ID), and only works for basic fields. Custom fields cannot be imported on one sheet or was not able to find an easier way to yet. BUT... it is a very good head start.
  11. So yes, you can do it. Go ahead and fill out a sample record. Go to phpmyadmin. Find the database, ie... companydirectory_companies or something like that. Go to Export, and export the database to csv file. Add in new ones in a similar template with the fields and then import it under import. Obviously make copies and all just in case and test it on a test install.
  12. Question, so I am manually trying to import a list of companies via phpMyAdmin. I downloaded an existing table as a sample. All tables seem self explantory. I did find one that I have no clue on. It is titled "company_post_key" Is this necessary? Or If want to upload a list, will this be required? Thanks.
  13. Maksim


    Flip Flops
  14. Thanks. Uploaded new version, no issues that I can find yet. Any ETA on the next feature release? (not the bug fixes). thanks.
  15. Just to mention, I think the Follow feature is good, lets users follow company news for their chosen companies. Checkin, I agree, nifty feature but not critical... but still nice to have. Really need the 12h clock and the options we talked about before... showing a list by distance instead of just on the map.
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