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  1. Shock. how about this website. It will done ? I feel so sad for this . please do this hiring a developer to continue Spanner's apps. and remember him forever
  2. Could you add Permissions group can view to the Packages' list ? like use A package .the list can only be see by vip group. use B package .to post . the list can be see by any group . Create New
  3. when I try click How many profiles user can create? Unlimited show me this error
  4. I know this ,but how can set up some list in this category can show only vip group . other list can show all group. and they all in same category. thanks
  5. hello How can set up some list in category only show for vip group ? thanks
  6. How can set up Default country and state ,City in Filter ?
  7. yes but how can do shipping?
  8. thanks .it is very important .if not the seller how can check the orders. make the orders finish ?
  9. but the seller how can do shipping if no shipping adders ? can let seller see invoice ?
  10. the seller how can see the invoice after someone finished order ?
  11. bing11


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