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  1. Do you mean "themes"? In IPS Marketplace, prices go for $25 - $50 USD (equal to PLN 100 - 200). The more expensive ones contain many options, settings, frontpage, sliders, etc.
  2. You can also list on extralicense.com
  3. If anyone wants to buy app, send me PM on Invision community.com for special discount. I am good friends with author @CodingJungle.
  4. Write support ticket for IPS and report problem. They don't officially recommend 7.3 yet so you may find more bugs. You should stay on PHP 7.2
  5. JoelR


    BIM = onlyME. That is his username ok IPS website 😀. But I think his editor might be slightly different for Chatbox since he has extra plugins like giphy for Chatbox.
  6. Nice design! Very clever idea to encourage users to post, because it motivated them using "gamification."
  7. JoelR


    You should check with author of Chatbox (his name is only me), since the editor in Chatbox is different from regular editor.
  8. Are you using IPS cloud? I've seen this issue before on another site that is hosted in IPS cloud where it saved images to next Pages record. I think it was problem with the server cache and nothing you can control. Fastest way is to edit the record and delete extra images.
  9. There is no link for "Security." You can select security settings under: - Members > Spam Settings - System > Two Factor Authentication
  10. You need to change this option in your Pages database > setting:
  11. Did you change permissions for users?
  12. You can also buy / sell licenses on: https://extralicense.com/
  13. Is course by video or text? If you can type in Polish, I might be able to use Google translate to English.
  14. This would be much more popular in English, which is the official language of IPS. You would have much wider audience.
  15. I think there needs to be a second question: if the client holds an ACTIVE license. If you have an active license, you have IPS Spam Protection (which is pretty good). If you do not have active license, then you'll probably have more spam.
  16. You probably have problem with cache or Javascript errors (as Spanner said). 1. Run Support tool 2. In Google Chrome, right click > Inspect. Then click on "console"
  17. This looks to be a theme setting. Easiest solution would be to ask the theme developer.
  18. Hey Dawid,

    I've tried to reach out to you on InvisionCommunity for some private projects.  Are you available?  

    1. Spanner


      Yes. Check PM 🙂

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