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  1. We overweight our reliance on technology, and we underweight our understanding of community. In a modern era where starting a new community is as simple as spinning up a new Cloud instance of Invision Community, everyone has equal access to starting a community. And when everyone has equal access to starting a community, it becomes infinitely harder to stand out. You should stop worrying about utilizing the latest features, the latest buzzy hack, or installing the must-have application. You should instead be focusing on building your knowledge of psychology, of sociology, of organizational management, of emotional intelligence and leadership, of strategic thinking. These are key skills that will help you build value in your community that extends beyond the technology - that no one else can match.
  2. Are you a forum administrator who has tried to launch several forums, and failed every time? Is your current forum not growing? There is one big secret to forum success: Audience You must have an audience that you directly connect to. You can either: Reach an existing audience Bring over an audience Build a new audience It's much easier to pursue the first or second options, since you're using an existing audience. The third option is much harder, yet that's usually the option many forums unfortunately choose since they start from scratch.
  3. JoelR

    Post Your Stats

    "Post Your Stats" You see this message in every forum dedicated to forum administrators, and it's easy to show-off your numbers. Unfortunately, those numbers are entirely irrelevant because they don't take into account several factors: Age of the community Audience / niche Starting membership Fake members Banned members Activity of the members Which community is a better community? A community that has 100,000 members that's been online for 20 years. Or a community that has "only" 10,000 members but started 1 year ago. Even more importantly, which one is a better community? A community with 100,000 members that has no activity in last year. Or a community that has "only" 10,000 members but several hundred are online at any time. Communities with a million posts are most likely legacy forums, which started fifteen to twenty years ago. You can't compare their community stats to those of new communities. What's more telling is the number of online users, or the number of active users in a timeframe.
  4. “Numbers rule the universe.” I am a huge fan of using numbers and statistics to assess my community. They help me watch the health of the entire community, uncover new trends, and identify areas to investigate. Here are 3 areas to measure community statistics: Dashboard The Dashboard in the Admin Control Area is a perfect and easy area to watch for community statistics. It contains several useful blocks such as Registrations, Gallery Overview, Downloads Overview, and Income for the last 30 days. The Dashboard is an easy place to watch your numbers over time and track the growth of your community. Registrations In the ACP Statistics, there are several key statistics you should watch. One of them is Registrations, which show the number of new registrations by day, week, or month. This can help you see if you make improvement over time by getting guests excited to join. It’s highly recommended that you keep a “community journal” to document changes to your community, so you can see when your initiatives lead to an increase in registrations. Leaderboard The Leaderboard is a feature from 4.1 and contains several useful pieces of information to identify popular and trending themes. On the Leaderboard tab, you can view both popular members and content. This is an great way to find popular content to include in newsletters or social media! On the Past Leaders tab, you can scan for rising members. If you see a new member who wins First, Second or Third Prize for a day, he should be a new member to start a conversation for further engagement. On the Top Members tab, you can find members who have contributed the most to different areas in your community: files, articles, albums, or posts.
  5. IPS contains many tools to help you translate your community. You can turn on tools to Quick Translate, View word keys, or even install Language Packs. Most people think of translation tools to help translate from English to Polish or another language. But the tools are not just for language translation! You can also use it to customize your community with many unique and special phrases. Invision Community contains standard language that is inclusive and common, because it is designed for all communities. However, that also means the language is not relevant or specific to your community. Write something fun, write something creative, write something compelling for your community! Here are 3 areas to improve the language: 1. Streamlined Sign-in or Post Before Register You can enable Streamlined Sign-In or Post Before Register, so guests see a “call-to-action” message to either sign-in or post. Instead of using the default message, type something unique for your community! 2. Guest Signup Widget The Guest Signup Widget is a widget you should put on all pages. It’s a simple block with buttons to Register or Sign-in, and you only need to 3. Friendly URLs Invision Community comes with an advanced configuration to change “Friendly URLs.” These are the custom URL’s such as mycommunity.pl/privacy. Instead of using the English word, you can change to a Polish word. For example: mycommunity.pl/privacy --> mycommunity.pl/prywatnosc
  6. Invision Community 4.5 is the latest release of the popular software, and the developers recently announced the public preview site: https://invisionalpha.com/ The site is a full copy of the new 4.5 release and contains all of the latest features. Here are 3 things that you need to know: 1. When will it be released? IPS never announces any release date, but it should be Summer 2020. 2. What new features are in 4.5? All the features can be found in the Company News (https://invisioncommunity.com/news/). 4.5 is one of the bigger updates, with lots of improvements for both new communities and existing communities. You will immediately notice the new default theme, with the goal of a brighter UI with more contrast and simpler colors. For multi-language communities in English and Polish, you will enjoy the new Language System Updates that include phrases in Pages and new phrases from Translation Tools. There are also lots of improvements to Clubs, including Club Pages and Club Statistics. 3. Can I give feedback? Yes! All feedback from clients are welcome on Invision Alpha in the Feedback and Questions board. Keep in mind that the developers and staff are looking for feedback specifically related to 4.5. If you have general feedback, you should post in InvisionCommunity.com Forums since Invision Alpha will be eventually deleted.
  7. Do you mean "themes"? In IPS Marketplace, prices go for $25 - $50 USD (equal to PLN 100 - 200). The more expensive ones contain many options, settings, frontpage, sliders, etc.
  8. You can also list on extralicense.com
  9. If anyone wants to buy app, send me PM on Invision community.com for special discount. I am good friends with author @CodingJungle.
  10. Write support ticket for IPS and report problem. They don't officially recommend 7.3 yet so you may find more bugs. You should stay on PHP 7.2
  11. JoelR


    BIM = onlyME. That is his username ok IPS website 😀. But I think his editor might be slightly different for Chatbox since he has extra plugins like giphy for Chatbox.
  12. Nice design! Very clever idea to encourage users to post, because it motivated them using "gamification."
  13. JoelR


    You should check with author of Chatbox (his name is only me), since the editor in Chatbox is different from regular editor.
  14. Are you using IPS cloud? I've seen this issue before on another site that is hosted in IPS cloud where it saved images to next Pages record. I think it was problem with the server cache and nothing you can control. Fastest way is to edit the record and delete extra images.
  15. There is no link for "Security." You can select security settings under: - Members > Spam Settings - System > Two Factor Authentication
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