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  1. It was set to 0 days, now 365 and working. Thanks for everything, the new offer layout is sweet
  2. We have upgraded to When creating an offer, it expires right away. This happened after the upgrade, is there settings? the edit offer mode doesn't seem to include a setting to change EXPIRED thanks for your help
  3. How to duplicate the item layout thats being used here on ipsbeyond.pl ? example www.ipsbeyond.pl/offers/offer/17-test-bad-request-price/ here is what i noticed different from the default Sales Portal Pro offer layout 1. the 'view, comments, questions' counter removed 2. Seller information moved to the right into a box 3. just the title, the 'find their other offers' link is moved to the seller information box 4. 'Add to collection' link added under the Seller Information box 5. price, buy & contact buttons moved to the top of column I think this layout is way better than the default, how to do this, thanks !
  4. roadrunner


    1983 Porsche 928s EURO
  5. found settings, all set now on permissions thank you
  6. no restrictions category settings/permissions are in the post above group permissions any ideas or suggestions appreciated
  7. Sorry, there is a problem You don't have permission to add offers. Error code: 2SDSALESPRO/26
  8. Hello, we purchased and installed version today. Permissions are correct however, all groups that should can not create a offer Have tried different accounts, groups etc. all receive the following message: You don't have permission to add offers
  9. New installation - Sales Portal Pro I see the permissions set properly, however no one can create an offer You don't have permission to add offers
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