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  1. Hello @Spanner, I had this app over a year or plus ago but never really used it. I updated my subscription for it yesterday and got it all setup. Seems to work great except for 1 thing. On Youtube streams, the chat doesn't seem to appear, works fine with Twitch though. I also noticed it is doing the same thing on this site as it is on mine. https://www.ipsbeyond.pl/streams/stream/2-sebik/ I dunno of this can be fixed, I know Youtube is a bit more of a pain than Twitch. If this can not be fixed is it possible to disable the chat block for YT streams while leave the Twitch chat?
  2. Would it be possible on the widget to not have the comment icon if comments are disabled? And to have the profile pic instead of the twitch pic like the youtube streams have? And, some way of seeing when a stream is live in the widget? Along with that can the widget update showing the most recent to go live at the top? Disregard this, I missed a step in the setup video
  3. On Youtube, I followed the API insturctions, and enter the channel ID but it just gives me a static screen of a previous stream by that person http://www.domesticbatterygaming.com/streams/stream/9-youtube-test-stream/
  4. Reporting a bug. I added a stream to test this app which I deleted, I went to add another stream but was told I has reached my max number of streams because I have it set at 1 per user. I think this should have reset when I deleted the stream I had the first time. Also, I set admin to be able to view offline, however I can not view it when off line
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