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  1. https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/396496-sd-sales-portal-pro/page/11/#comments
  2. Try to use the gallery, but it has same limitation for me, multilanguage category name. It not better use IPS gallery categories and albums inside Company Directory? As Sales Portal Pro it can use Albums feature.
  3. @Spanner Please take a check ordering.co and download their app. There their features https://ordering.co/all-features/ If you can drive your apps and try to do similar to the mentioned app, I think your app will convert in the best value app of ips community. With Nearby companies feature, will bring us a series of benefits to create stores directory that are suggested automatically by the map...
  4. A button "Make me owner". The reason is, many companies are created (the images, map, description etc) by admins and members, this is a basic level of profile, because is free. Then we would like the real owner of the profile can have the option (the botton) apply to take the owner permission by a price. After that the owner continues the profile management with more advance features (announcements of marketing, reply to comments etc. But not review because the review should be a way to reflect the real satisfaction of users) . That is why I said, will be cool creating Marketplace of company seller with your sales portal pro insert inside of the Company Directory. Once the owner purchase the management of the profile, they can operate it as their company portal, giving customers services, support, marketing, sell products and services directly through it.
  5. I already discovered it. But I want to leave here report, I can't selected the point. Suggests : 1. Add Company Name fields multilanguage too. 2. Right now the Description come with multilanguage ability, but it work different than ips multilanguage system, why not use the ips core multilanguage system for company description and name too? 3. I don't know if already implemented, I would like my members can help to create the company Directory, example : I create a profile only with company name, I don't have others information as photos, description, map, phones, etc. I would like my members upload pictures for that company, mark the map, adding others information etc. But all need approval action of moderators to update the information in the profile I created. Example, I would like have the map field botton "Missing map, you can help to mark it". There need pictures too, then the botton say, "Missing pictures, you can help to add pictures".... So I don't have to work ONLY ME on all profiles of the community directory. LET all members help to build it. If possible the images field can detect image of others apps, forum and gallery, when some pictures are tagged with the company name, then these pictures are automatically added to the company images field, but need moderators action to complete the process. If moderator don't agree, then denied these pictures. Please can you add support for Mapbox too, because this is integrated in ips too.
  6. Or let me choose the map as No required.
  7. Please this issue already fixed? I can't add file in mobile because don't let me mark the point
  8. I try to use the app through clubs, there any way sell something that let buyer choose quantity of the product and pay it? Something as Store of ips... I only can see the button of Send me PM...
  9. 1. Need adjusted mobile version when adding profile. 2. Using mobile to edit, it seem impossible to pick the point in the map.
  10. Hi, where I can set the default country?
  11. I mean if you add tags filter then add a function that let us assigned color for tags.
  12. https://www.panjo.com/tags/slot-cars
  13. Could you explain? Right now is: Drop down button [Categories] Category 1 Category 2 Etc. Suggest : Drop down button [Filter Serching] - Categories (open a pop-up that contains categories list, like Clubs menu style) - Tags (pop-up that contains tags list, like forums Fluid view) - Price, is already there, but this is globally search, inside of each categories and tags result should be can filter by price too. See screenshot, in mobile at least, the first page of Offers should be for show pin, feature and recently products, because there is a button for select category purpose, don't need appear these categories cards in first place(will be good placed in bottom, after x mount products), or the categories cards can be call to show when user use the button and select categories.
  14. Hello, I mean News, actually the FAQ is ok, I can introduce version of languages which I have actived
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