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  1. kmk

    (SD) Sales Portal Pro (Classifieds)

    Could you explain? Right now is: Drop down button [Categories] Category 1 Category 2 Etc. Suggest : Drop down button [Filter Serching] - Categories (open a pop-up that contains categories list, like Clubs menu style) - Tags (pop-up that contains tags list, like forums Fluid view) - Price, is already there, but this is globally search, inside of each categories and tags result should be can filter by price too. See screenshot, in mobile at least, the first page of Offers should be for show pin, feature and recently products, because there is a button for select category purpose, don't need appear these categories cards in first place(will be good placed in bottom, after x mount products), or the categories cards can be call to show when user use the button and select categories.
  2. kmk

    (SD) Sales Portal Pro (Classifieds)

    Hello, I mean News, actually the FAQ is ok, I can introduce version of languages which I have actived
  3. kmk

    (SD) Sales Portal Pro (Classifieds)

  4. kmk

    (SD) Sales Portal Pro (Classifieds)

    Try put something in new block, but I need new for chinese language users and spanish language users, please can make this with multilingual ability?
  5. kmk

    (SD) Sales Portal Pro (Classifieds)

    Is possible hide the Title block?
  6. kmk

    (SD) Sales Portal Pro (Classifieds)

    Request: 1. There is a price filter, together with that should be add tags filters 2. Give a tags color setting, that will help a lot the look of the product page.
  7. kmk

    (SD) Sales Portal Pro (Classifieds)

    Or can you help me set up like below? Offers first page: Show all products, don't need the categories cards, because below the header title is the categories button, is sufficient user touch this botton for different categories pages. This offers first page can be the promotion page that I suggested. Offers button(upload product for sell): This button can be placed below of the categories button. Right now this button appears so buttom position.
  8. kmk

    (SD) Sales Portal Pro (Classifieds)

    @Spanner can you give a mobile template more fancy, or better UI...?
  9. kmk

    (SD) Sales Portal Pro (Classifieds)

    Anyone can share tips how can I set up a first page more fancy?
  10. kmk

    (SD) Sales Portal Pro (Classifieds)

    Hello, when a user try to upload images for offer setting, appear this problem, don´t let upload...any setting I have to set up?
  11. kmk

    (SD) Sales Portal Pro (Classifieds)

    All my members use cellphone to navigate website, is possible make the header a little fancy? Is so boring alway the black title on a big white space...
  12. kmk

    (SD) Sales Portal Pro (Classifieds)

    Recently make a test, seller approved the offer give by the buyer, but don't received notification in the platform, only by mail. The platform notification should be used more strongly, is more clearly if appear all information by the platform too.
  13. kmk

    (SD) Sales Portal Pro (Classifieds)

    Hello, can you add an section or page, where users(sellers) can buy marketing tools features, in this case I am thinking couponing. Using this sellers can promote theirs products with a different price, I mean discount. The scene is, in a marketplace is so many products, some time or many time an user would like only know if there some offers with discount price then take the next step to review or compare to take a decision. With this feature webmaster can generate a little more income, because there always have sellers who can pay and want to pay for more publicity of their products or store. Another request is when a seller create a product, there should be good a pay to pin option, so the seller can buy for pin one(first position), pin two(second position of the pin list) ect. I am thinking in the position of the seller, once I have a product uploaded, I would like can use the coupon feature that let me create my coupon offers then populate in the Offers page, If I want to pay more for publicity I can pay some money more to leave my offers always appear on the first position of some categories.
  14. kmk

    iPhone TEST

  15. kmk

    (SD) Company Directory

    maybe a widget that let owner decide which pictures or messages, or sliders showing content to guests, first view on the screen I think this way to achieve multilanguage purpose is not better way, why not follow ips multilanguage method? how about redesign both apps and build a marketplace app for ips? considering better mobile UX and UI....maybe need more than one coder perspective, maybe is a big project....

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