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  1. It's that time of year again! Have you been thinking about starting your Invision Community? Or perhaps you're currently using another service and want to take advantage of our modern, mobile ready and social media equipped platform? This has been a great year for Invision Community. We've added many new features including Clubs, Fluid View, Profile Completion and more. We've been adding useful articles such as the benefits of owning your own community versus a Facebook Group, how to optimize your community's SEO, and how to stop spam. And we're already working on our next major release due out early 2018. To celebrate, we have two new coupon codes for you! 20% OFF ALL CLOUD PACKAGES Start with Invision Community today with our hassle free cloud packages. There's nothing to upload and nothing to install. You don't need to know your FTP from your MySQL. We do all that for you! Use coupon code during checkout: CICBF2017 15% OFF SELF HOSTED LICENSES Prefer to manage your own hosting? No problem. Grab your downloadable license today. Use coupon code during checkout: SHBF2017 The small print These coupons are valid from today right through to midnight Monday 27th November (EST). Note, the self hosted coupon is not valid for renewals. Thanks and happy shopping! Wyświetl pełny wpis
  2. 50% off Black Friday & Cyber Monday introductory offer! - Buy this application for only $15, after Cyber Monday it will be $30. Save money on data transfer and storage space by automatically optimising your images using Your mobile users will also appreciate the reduced download sizes and times for images on your community. Automatically optimise images uploaded by your members in near real-time Automatically optimises all previously uploaded attachments Optionally automatically optimises any image on your community (must be enabled after installation) Requirements Uses, you must either have an account or sign up for one. Your Invision Community installation must be accessible via the internet for this application to work. Localhost and intranet systems are not supported. Upgrading Please see the included documentation for upgrade instructions Support If you require any support for this product please create a Technical Support ticket in the Client Area. You will need to register for an account, please use your IPS email address to make it easier to verify that you have an active license for the product. Licensing You are permitted to install this application on one public Invision Community installation. If you want to use this application on more than one community, you will need to purchase a license for each one (this can be done by clicking 'buy again' in the top right). Please note The current version of this application is compatible with Invision Community 4.2.x, it has not been tested on older versions and may not work correctly. Pobierz plik
  3. This application will add a FAQ module to your site using javascript to show and hide each answer DEMO BLACK FRIDAY SALE 25% OFF NORMALLY $15 Features Set a unlimited amount of questions & answers Easily edit or delete any Q&A Adds a tab to the navigation bar for easy access Use the module permissions if you want to disallow certain usergroups from viewing the FAQ How to install Download the .tar file and go to your ACP then application and install the downloaded file How to configure Go to your ACP and community tab then click the FAQ menu and start adding questions & answers from the add Q&A button Pobierz plik
  4. This is a reunion of the most popular plugins developed by me with 50% OFF for the Black Friday. It includes: Notes: This file will be deleted when the Black Friday is over so a manual purchase will be added for every app that makes part of this package. You can change plugins in this package by others. Send a PM so we can discuss it. Pobierz plik
  5. This is a reunion of the most popular apps developed by me with 50% OFF for the Black Friday. It includes: Notes: This file will be deleted when the Black Friday is over so a manual purchase will be added for every app that makes part of this package. This file here will not have renewals (because it is just a collection) but please note that some apps has its own RENEWAL charge. See details on its records: Crowdfunding: Renewal Term: $10.00 per 12 months Links Directory: Renewal Term: $15.00 per 12 months Quizzes: Renewal Term: $10.00 per year Raffles System: Renewal Term: $15.00 per 12 months Tutorials: Renewal Term: $10.00 per 12 months You can change apps in this package by others. Send a PM so we can discuss it. Pobierz plik
  6. This is IPS Themes bundle each theme is updated to 4.2.6 and all support issued via each theme support topic. Pobierz plik
  7. This month we ask a very simple question that got our team thinking hard. “If you could only keep five possessions, what would they be?” Now, this doesn't assume that there is a disaster, so you don't need to think about things like food and water. It also doesn't need to include humans or pets. This is also not a "Desert Island" question so survival tools are not required. This got us really thinking about what material possessions are important to us. It also made us realise how much technology has made a lot of things redundant. We might have said "CD collection and my favourite books" ten years ago, but with a phone, that's no longer the case as so much is handled on the device. Ryan (Developer & Guitar showroom owner) In terms of just packing up and moving on, I actually don't own a lot that I would consider critical / prized / irreplaceable. My dad's 50 year old acoustic guitar is all I would take with me, as it's the only thing that *isn't* directly replaceable. Maybe include iMac and iPhone to have some sort of connection to the outside world at all times, but I really don't need anything else I own. Brandon (Developer & Jet ski owner) I guess if I were to pick five things I couldn't live without I'd have to narrow down the list to my phone, my wallet, my TV (I unwind by zoning out on movies or home repair shows), my car (I can't walk to anything but the ICW here which wouldn't do me much good), and coffee (with International Delights Cold Stone Creamery creamer). Brandon neglected to mention that he owns a Jet Ski Marc S (Support technician & cycle injury enthusiast) Top 5 is hard, and makes you realise that despite living in a world of material possession, we actually rely on very few things. Albeit tending to be expensive things. So here goes. Mobile Phone - Despite the calls (which I could do without), and facebook (which I probably should do without), I have a problem with sleeping. For years now I have been using the audible app on my phone to listen to audiobooks. Usually factual stuff, so it doesnt really matter if I lose position. It helps me with my sleep, and therefore my sanity. Computer - This isn't just because I work on one. I tend to spend a lot of hours at it, even when I am not working. Whilst I do support here at IPS, I do a lot of development in my spare time, on my own projects, and quiet enjoy it. Currently working on an app for my brother which tracks horse racing points for a game that he runs, which is just something a bit different to do of an evening. Kettlebells - I'm trying to get a little fitter than I am at the moment. I spent a long time being a very unfit person, and sitting at a computer 24/7. Never a good thing to do, and it eventually starts to catch up with your wasteline (honestly. You in your 20s reading this, it does!). I joined a gym before I moved house, and got quite into working out with kettlebells, so when I moved, I bought some to use myself. I now have a PT who creates sessions for me each week. We're unsure who took the photo Bike - Whilst I havent used it half as much as I would like lately, I trained for, and completed, a 100 mile bike ride earlier this year, along with a few friends, including Andy Milne. This made be realise just how much I enjoy riding a bike. To the degree we're now planning our next bike challenge. Kettle - I'm pretty sure I would die without coffee. There is little else to say about that! Andy (Developer and Support technician) I realise I have far too much clutter in my life answering this question but I managed to come up with 4 things; Running Shoes Bike Watch Laptop Andy finishing the Reykjavik marathon, 19 August 2017 I’m going to make a conscious effort to be a bit more minimalist now and switch to a standing desk and a Paleo diet or go barefoot or whatever other healthy lifestyle choice @Matt recommends this week. Mark W (The Senior Developer) To answer this question I opened up my travel checklist - having taken off the things you said are excluded like clothes and toiletries, the only thing I have is my meditation stool, my laptop, my iPad, my phone, and my watch... so I guess that's my 5! Matt (Developer and object of ridicule) It's a hard one to answer. Years ago, before the internet, I could have listed many things but digital devices and "The Cloud" replaces so much. Here's my five. Macbook Pro. This is my daily work machine and uses iCloud to sync up my work and personal items like photos, etc. I'd have this packed first. iPhone. It's never far from my hands and with Netflix, Amazon, Audible, iTunes and Kindle contains books, music, favourite TV shows and more. I use Audible most nights to help me switch off and get to sleep. Sleepphones. I like to look really cool while sleeping, so a grey fleece headband is a must. Fortunately, they also double as bluetooth headphones designed to not dig into your ears while you sleep. I couldn't be without these. Air Pods. Yes, another pair of headphones. But these little beauties fit in my pocket and I use them when out and about. The lack of cable is a real plus although they're easy to lose. Concept 2 Rower: Ok, so it's not really going to fit in my hand luggage but I thought about which bit of fitness equipment I'd keep. It's a tough one between kettlebells, weights, the treadmill and the rower but I think the rower wins as it can be used many ways for a good workout. Mark H (Support Technician and part-time Phil) Macbook, iPhone, E-cig, suspenders, and my .357 Magnum. (Editors note: I'm genuinely not sure if this is a joke answer or not but didn't like to ask. Either way it's the best list of things I've ever seen.) Daniel (Support Technician and Developer) My five are: Phone, watch, laptop and 1000kg of headache medicine. That's it, i don't need a fifth item since it's only about "stuff" and not family. (Editors note: I'm hoping that 1000kg is just a guess. I'm starting to regret asking this question.) Jennifer (Designer) Computer - This is my work, play, entertainment, and more device. Plus it's a beast. Mobile Phone - When I'm not on my PC I'm on my phone. It keeps me connected to my communities when I'm out. Plus Zombies, Run is on it. High heels - If I had to choose a specific pair it would one of these two. Bed - It is wonderful and has all of my blankets. I couldn't live without my blankets. Dix It - Because I really couldn't think of another thing and this game is hilarious and fun. This really got us thinking about what is important to us and how much "stuff" we have. What would your five things be? Wyświetl pełny wpis
  8. Forum plugin which will allow you to impose limits on the number of words or characters which a post must contain before it can be submitted Ability to set limit based on number of words or number of characters Ability to set lower and/or upper limits on the number of words or characters. Ability to target all or just specific forums Ability to target all or just specific groups Configurable information message displayed to posters, and updated as they type Please note the following: If you require support then please post in the provided support topic. Do not use PM and do not use the review functionality. Questions Will the plugin be extended to work on other applications in the IPS suite? I am already working on extending this out to Pages & Calendar. However other applications will be more difficult due to me not owning licenses to use them. Never say never, but for now it's a 'No' Pobierz plik
  9. We all know what a pain spam can be. We deal with it daily in our inboxes often relying on clever software to filter it out for us. Even worse, some spam is so well disguised that it can fool you into thinking it is a genuine message. You've put in the hard work with your community. You've used the built in social promotion tools and SEO features to get it noticed. Now that it's indexing well with Google, you've become a target. Invision Community has several tools in its arsenal to deal with spam leaving you free to concentrate on your members and content. We'll take a look at these tools in more detail. First, it's important to know that there are two main types of spam. Computer generated and human generated. Computer generated spam is malicious software that throws millions of messages out and hopes some sticks to high profile communities. Human generated spam is more pernicious as it can often bypass automated measures. Human spammers often register accounts and post as members on your community. The first line of defense Invision Community comes equipped with Spam Defense. This is free with all cloud and licensed plans. Spam Defense harnesses the combined knowledge of thousands of Invision Communities. It will assess the potential threat of each new user and stop them before they can cause any problems. To date, Spam Defense has blocked over 3,000,000 spam accounts. Spam Defense works by evaluating the registering member against its database. It will score the account from 1 (not a spammer) to 4 (a known spammer) allowing you to decide what to do with each level. If a spammer gets past the Spam Defense, flag them as a spammer using the built in tools. This will clear up all their posts in a single action and report back to Spam Defense that this account has spammed your site. These community led reports allow Spam Defense to learn and adapt. Preventing spammers from registering The CAPTCHA ("Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart") is a well tested and robust method to defeat computerised spammers. It is usually a small widget on a sign up form that asks you to re-enter words shown in an image. Invision Community supports Recaptcha2 by Google, meaning that in most cases your users don't even have to type in random letters. Instead, Google algorithms determine if the user is human or otherwise. Invision Community supports KeyCaptcha. This requires guests to solve a simple problem before they can contribute. The Question and Answer challenge works on its own or in conjunction with a CAPTCHA. This system allows you to create simple question and answer challenges unique to your community. As these answers are unique, computerized spammers cannot solve them. Also, human spammers not knowledable with your niche are often unable to solve them too. While the above are great for reducing the number of computerized spammers, we need to be especially clever to weed out human spammers. Dealing with human spammers Smart configuration of your community will also help in defeating spammers. Invision Community supports posting without registering. This feature allows for fast engagement but use it with caution. It works best if you only allow it for specific forums. Invision Community's membership promotion system also has tools which you can leverage. To make your site less appealing to human spammers, you can configure two membership groups. Let us look at an example which uses "New Members" and "Members". "New Members" is the default group for new registrations. In this group you can remove the ability to add a signature to each post. Often spammers use signatures to earn referrals on links. You can also define a limit for posts per day. This will throttle the number of spam posts a member can make. Now that you have your "New Members" group set up to build trust, you can promote them using Group Promotions. A good strategy is to promote them to "Members" when they have reached a certain level of reputation. This shows that they have become a trusted member of the community. You may wish to promote them a week after joining knowing that spammers usually leave after a day or so. There are many different criteria you can use allowing you to tailor it for your own needs. Summary Dealing with spam is a reality for every successful community. Invision Community has several features to mitigate its impact. Through leveraging its built in tools to smart configuration, you can make your community a fortress against spam. In addition, our exclusive Spam Defense system grows and learns every day stopping spammers from registering. To learn how to configure Invision Community's spam prevention tools, please see our help guide. Not using Invision Community? We can convert you from other platforms preserving your data. Our migration page has more information on the platforms we can convert you from. Wyświetl pełny wpis
  10. Searchlight Remember when clicked-through search results highlighted the search terms on the content pages themselves? Sure, we all do. And now, lo, those times have returned again. Highlights search terms on the clicked-through-to content pages! Customize the searchlight: background, font color, bold, all caps. Wildcards supported! Do you already have Kitchen Sink? Hey hey! I'm including this for free there! Where do these things get highlighted? Anywhere within #ipsLayout_mainArea. All the header stuff is avoided, the left/right sidebars are external to mainArea and the top/bottom sidebar areas have been CSS'd out. Your code or... Yep, but for the actual marking of results I'm using mark.js, an MIT licensed library. Support is wide ranging for all modern browsers. The latest builds are marked as failed for the bleeding edge Android and Safari browsers but those may be automated tests and not indicative of actual performance. Those mobile browsers are all marked as good-to-go for previous versions so even if there are problems on the bleeding edge stuff this is an actively maintained library and should get fixed up soon enough. That said, as mark.js goes, so goes this plugin, otherwise I'll need to code up the marking code myself. What if IPS changes something and... Search is being puttered with by IPS. I'll state here and now that this is solid and I doubt IPS will mess things up with the 4.2 series to cause conflicts. 4.3 we'll all need to see what they do. Really? Wildcard searches are supported? Yep. If you search for monkey* and you get hits on the results page for monkeyshines, monkeyshines will be highlighted on the content page when you click through. You search terms are pushed through and then the js library itself will do the wildcard matching without me having to persuade Cold Outer Gods to parse the precise wildcard hits in the results list and push those through. No thanks. Requirements? JavaScript enabled and that's about it. Naturally, your IPS experience is... not pleasant if you disable JavaScript so this shouldn't be surprising. Those screenshots... Those screenshots show the search results page so you can see what is found, and then what Searchlight does on the content itself once you click-through. I do NOTHING on the search results page as regards the appearance of those highlights. You'l also note that when you wildcard search, IPS does NOT highlight the search hits on the results page. That's them, not me Cost $7 to buy, $3 every year. If you already own Kitchen Sink there is no need to buy this as I'm including it for free there. Consider purchasing Kitchen Sink if you don't own it already, a few bucks more gets you a whole lot more... Yes. I'm trying to entice you to get Kitchen Sink instead. How could you tell? Terms One buy, one site. Feel free to use on your test site if you have one of course. If you lapse on renewals so long that I tell you to buy it again that does NOT mean you now have licenses to two separate copies. All rights reserved (for the stuff that is mine), etc... No complaining to me that IPS should have included this themselves. Thank You! Pobierz plik
  11. This application will add a simple Points system to your community, allowing your members to earn points for posting content. Customizable - choose your own name and symbol denomination for your points. Administrators can determine the amount of points earned for each type of content. So, members can earn 10 points for posting a new topic, 5 points for posting a Blog Entry, 1 points for each Gallery Image, etc. Banking - You can allow your members to deposit points into a Bank, which they can then gain interest on at specific intervals (for example, 10% once a week, or 50% once a year). Donations - Users can donate points to other users to award them for being helpful. Points Leaderboard - Showcase which Members and Groups have the most points overall. Salaries - Assign individual member groups a weekly salary which they can earn. Reactions Integration - Members can earn, or lose, points based on reactions from other members. Warnings Integration - Administrators can assign a loss of points anytime a member is warning with a defined warning reason. Pobierz plik
  12. Thisplugin will show the number of members that are browsing a forum at the forum index next to the forum name. If no members are browsing the forum, no info will be shown. Members who are browsing threads inside of a forum are not included in the count. Installation: To install this plugin, log in to your Admin Panel, go to System->Plugins, click the Install New Plugin button and import the plugin 's xml file. Pobierz plik
  13. Adds link to your profile on Tumblr blogging platform in IPS Community Suite footer. Work exactly the same way as standard Facebook, Twitter or Google profile links. Demo You can see and test social profile links on our support forum. Look in the footer, where all social links are displayed. Support For support contact us by email Please, do NOT ask for support or report issues in comments! If you need a profile link for any social network, just drop us an email to, and we will do it! Pobierz plik
  14. Adds link to your profile on Telegram in IPS Community Suite footer. Work exactly the same way as standard Facebook, Twitter or Google profile links. Demo You can see and test social profile links on our support forum. Look in the footer, where all social links are displayed. Support For support contact us by email Please, do NOT ask for support or report issues in comments! If you need a profile link for any social network, just drop us an email to, and we will do it! Pobierz plik
  15. Button to share your IPS Community Suite content on Telegram messenger. Work exactly the same way as standard Facebook, Twitter or Google buttons. Demo You can see and test sharing buttons on our support forum. Open any topic and find sharing section at the bottom of the page. Support For support contact us by email Please, do NOT ask for support or report issues in comments! If you need a sharing button for any social network, just drop us an email to, and we will do it! Pobierz plik
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