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  1. Top Bar Forums Display contact information and introduce social network links important in all forums Demo Settings: Set Email Address Set Phone Number Set Social Links Pobierz plik
  2. This is a bundle of plugins to automatically embed videos from adult content websites. It works just like the stock options for YouTube, Vimeo and so on. The user will past the URL of the video and it will automatically be turned into a video player. Currently 12 websites are included: Pornhub, xHamster, RedTube, SpankWire, Tube8, xTube, XVideos, Mofosex, YouPorn, YouPornGay, GayBoysTube, ManPorn. Each website has its own plugin. You can install all of them or just the ones your users are likely to use. Pobierz plik
  3. A very clean beautiful template for the latest IPS 4.3.x The Landing Page is not included in the theme. It is a part of my site and what you can do with "pages" application. Live Demo at my site. Change theme to UltiMaze. Only for IPS 4.3.x Advanced custom footer with 4 column, or choose how many column you want! Background upload setting preview. Pobierz plik
  4. Plugin which allows you to apply extra control over the oembed functionality provided by the IPS core allows group level control over which remote sites members of a group are allowed to embed. provides you the ability to add other remote oembed sources which are not yet supported by IPS, such as Note: Plugin support does not include assisting you with researching whether a site supports oembed or not. Google, or the site itself, will be your friend in that situation Pobierz plik
  5. Create a good, high quality and professional message Using Message Pro Widget demo The settings that this plugin gives website administrators: * Title Widget * Message (Textarea) * Fontawesome Icon * Background Color * Text Color With this plugin you can create infinite professional messages for your users thanks( @Daniel F and @newbie LAC) For Help Me Pobierz plik
  6. This plugin will show, to the file submitter, the default IPS 4.3 message when their file isn't available to be purchased. Currently, it shows to everyone, except file submitter. Pobierz plik
  7. This is a maintenance to release to the 4.2 series address security issues. As we prepare for our next large release, version 4.3, we do large security audits. We decided to apply those security enhancements to the 4.2 series so you can get them now if you prefer to not upgrade to 4.3 yet. We would like to thank @newbie LAC for his assistance. Wyświetl informacje o wersji
  8. To monetize, or not to monetize, that is the question that preoccopies our administrators! Ok, I'm no Shakespeare, but a vital question community owners are faced with at some point is: can we and should we make some money from our community? Let's first look at the "should we?" Absolutely! You don't need to frustrate your users or risk goodwill by starting monetization. Running a community comes with tangible costs in terms of paying for the monthly cloud plans or license and hosting costs. Not to mention your own time which must be factored into this decision. If the community sustained all or part of your income, could you commit more time to help it grow? Now lets look at the "can we?" Absolutely! You made a great choice by building your platform with Invision Community. We have built in monetization tools that allow you to collect micro-payments from third party systems; and we have tools for selling products and services. Advertisements An obvious choice, many sites will turn to advertisements through Google Adsense or a similar service to generate income from their community. Whether this approach will work for your community or not is dependent upon many factors. Do you generate enough traffic that you will actually earn an income from advertisements? Do enough of your audience browse your site without tools such as Adblock installed? Is your site compatible with any of the many advertisement services out there? This is worth checking to make sure. Advertisement services are a relatively easy solution for generating micro-payments. It's unlikely you'll be able to retire any time soon on advertising payments alone though. An alternative approach to using advertisements is to sell advertisement space on your own site through Commerce. This can be an especially attractive option if your site holds a captive audience in a specific niche, as advertisers will be certain their ads are targetting the niche they are aiming to target effectively. Viglink Viglink is a service that looks for commercial product references in user-generated content, and links to those products using referral links that can generate revenue. Generally speaking, there is no real harm in using such a service as the functionality is transparent for most users. Invision Community features integration with Viglink out of the box. You simply need to enter certain account information into the AdminCPand the software will handle the rest. Charging for products If you sell digital or physical products, you can leverage Invision Community to help facilitate the sale of such products through your community site. If you are an expert or leader in your field, then why not write a short e-book on your subject and put it up for sale? Low cost e-books under $10 tend to sell really well and it's a great way to generate some passive trickle income. Sale, renewals, invoicing, shipping, customer support and more are all possible through our Commerce product with powerful features that allow you to easily sell products locally and around the world. Charging for additional access The simplest way to monetize your community is to charge for VIP access. This may be for elevated permissions, such as being able to upload larger files, post more content per day and access specific features like user signatures, special badges and so on. You can also set up VIP forums that regular members do not have access to. In fact, Invision Community can be tailored towards being an e-learning platform simply by setting up a subscription in Commerce and creating a private forum only the VIP group can access. Simply post a new topic with each learning module. Topics can contain embeds from YouTube and Vimeo if you prefer to deliver training over video. Be sure to give previews of such areas if you do sell access to additional areas of the community. For example, you can allow all users to "see" that a forum exists, but show an error message to regular members who attempt to read topics in the forum, while allowing subscribers full access to those topics. This helps naturally entice users into subscribing to gain additional access by allowing them to see what they will gain access to. Charging a fee for facilitation Another possible avenue to monetize your community is by charging a fee for facilitating file sharing between your members. The Downloads application allows users to upload and even sell their files to other users on the community, while also allowing the administrator of the community to retain a percentage of all sales. If your community serves a niche that may see online sales of files in a marketplace-type setting, you can earn some money by administering such a marketplace. As you can see, there are several opportunities available with Invision Community to monetize your community. Do you use any other methods of monetizing your community? Wyświetl pełny wpis
  9. Turn Spirit into Pre-Made Blocks System Are you tired of messing with code inside your block editor for Spirit? There's a solution to this. It's called "Pre-Made Spirit Blocks Package". This package will enhance your homepage by getting some components from Bootstrap and custom ones from ThemeTree. It's fast from not hassling with code and simple to configure! Here's the lists of pre-made components: Carousel Type Default Carousel Blockquotes Alerts Type Normal Additional Content Collapse List Group Type Default Tabbable Panes Figures Tables Embeds Cards Type Card header Card deck Wow, that's 8 pre-made components! What is Spirit? Spirit -a custom landing page template built with CMS (Pages) and runs on Bootstrap & IPS framework to make your homepage look beautiful. REQUIREMENT Spirit - Power by Pages CMS (Pages) Live Demo We've replaced the custom blocks from the demo board into the blocks package. Go here to see it live. Setting It Up Go here to read the article on setting up the components that you want for your community homepage. Image Credit The thumbnail blocks image goes to Tahsin Tahil. No changes have been made. Keep up with ThemeTree By: Registering, so you can get upcoming news and updates, and 24/7 support on our forums. Following us on Dribbble ( You can find out our latest upcoming themes and shots. Contacting us at Pobierz plik
  10. 25 Theme With beautiful design Settings: Advanced Footer slideshow Social Forums ... Pobierz plik
  11. The plugin allows you to display advanced geolocation of members in forum topics (not in comments). In addition to the standard built-in IPS geolocation, several popular third-party geolocation services are supported, such as, (ex.,, This first allows you to use geolocation mapping with an inactive license, second, for example, it extends the geolocation settings in part of the locale display language. Additional options allow you to change the display of geolocation, in the form of an caption or a flag, or both versions together, as well as the standard geolocation is hidden in the mobile version, this plugin has the option to display the flag of the members country in the mobile version. You can also configure which groups can see the geolocation, and for which groups geolocation will not be determined. Supports work with versions IPS 4.2.x and 4.3 Pobierz plik
  12. Installation Instructions: Customization Themes Add Theme Upload Theme Choose File and find Dark Passion.xlm and upload it If there are any issues with the theme, please let me know. Pobierz plik
  13. Endpoints is a Postman library of the endpoints published for IPS 4. In this version I have only included the GET statements as I wouldn't want any destructive action happen. To load the JSON file you will need to download Postman - Once installed you can setup your own environment with your own API keys or OAuth to your IPS install, once your credentials are setup you will be able to test your API called to your site. I have also published the endpoints at this location Note: I have yet to finish the Gallery and Calendar - caught a head cold 🤧 Pobierz plik
  14. TimeLine Sidebar Despite the almost limitless variety in project management techniques, there is at least one element that appears in every project, at every company and in every industry: the project timeline. Setting: set background color set timeline color set year Or ... set description Demo Pobierz plik
  15. Post Comments is an app, which adds possibility to comment posts on your forum. Functions: - Adding comments under posts (full editor) - Hiding/unhiding comments - Deleting comments - Reporting comments - Reactions - Setting access to application - Number of comments is added to "Total Posts" in default widget "Forum statistics" - In activity of user we can check in which topic he added a comment Demo: Pobierz plik

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