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  1. This is license copyright removal for all of my themes. You're allowed to use on any of my themes, One time fee, Remove from all themes. You're not allowed to remove copyright without this license, Support is not provided of any kind. ________________________________ Current themes Pobierz plik
  2. This is a simple plugin which does just what the title says: it hides "empty" reviews. When upgrading your community from 3.4.x, you are able to convert "ratings" to "reviews" in the new system. However, these converted ratings all end up being displayed as reviews with no associated text, which is unsightly and generates pointless clutter. This plugin allows you to keep ratings from the old system and simply hides them from view the reviews tab. This means old ratings will still count towards an items overall rating, but the review page won't be cluttered with those empty reviews. Members will still see their own review, regardless; this way a member who previously rated a file in the old system can still edit their review and add content to it after you upgrade. If you found this useful, be sure to check out my other marketplace submissions as well! Tips are also super appreciated! Pobierz plik
  3. This plugin will display 2 letters in the profile letter, if the user has 2 names, Adriano Faria. Examples: Setting: Exclude word: First letter from these words will not be used in the avatar. You can see above it excluded the "_" and the "di". Note: This change does not happen automatically for users already registered. It will occur after they change their display name. Compatibility: IPS Community 4.2 Pobierz plik
  4. Nederlandse (NL) vertaling voor IPS Community Suite 4.x. Betreft frond-end en back-end vertaling voor standaard applicatie Downloads. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dutch (NL) translation file for IPS Community Suite 4.x. Contains front-end and back-end translations for the default application Downloads. Installatie beschrijving: Uploaden als een nieuwe versie in je bestaande taal parket. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Installation Description: Upload as a new version in your existing language pack.\ Fouten of tips graag melden via een pm! Pobierz plik
  5. This plugin will hide the Dismiss button in the profile completition message. Pobierz plik
  6. Chatwee is an advanced chat plugin for real time communication among members of online communities. It offers private, group, and public chats, including file uploads, clickable links, images, animated gifs, and a rich set of emoji. Users have several log in methods available, and chat owners can customize the plugin to a large extent. Chatwee chat is an excellent plugin for any IPB forum. It promotes interaction and engagement among visitors, as well as between visitors and site owners. Chatwee will help you build and grow a community of active users by providing a platform for real time, rich communication. Chatwee features include: Extensive customization options Multiple chat rooms Messenger-style group conversations Private chatting Offline messaging Rich media messages Multiple log in methods Cross-tab synchronization Powerful moderation options Click for a full features list Visit the official site for more information and to see Chatwee live Pobierz plik
  7. Russian language pack for IPS Community Suite 4.2. Full translation. It is maintained and updated constantly and on a free basis. Join our Russian community - We will be very happy for the feedback and the search for shortcomings. Our other translations: Pobierz plik
  8. Sendfile Sendfile is an IPS plugin that implements server X-Sendfile support into the software suite. Before purchasing, be sure to download and run the test script provided to ensure your server is properly configured for X-Sendfile support. To run the test script, simply upload the "sendfile_test" folder to your websites root, and then navigate to "" in your browser. You will be prompted to run a simple test to ensure X-Sendfile is functioning properly on your server. What is X-Sendfile? In short, it gives PHP a way to tell your web server to deliver files to the client after proper permission checks and other actions have been performed by IPS. This way, you are not relying on PHP itself to deliver the files to the client. The reason you don't want PHP to handle file transfers is simple: PHP is really inefficient at it. This is particularly important if you run IPS in a self-hosted environment and your community makes heavy use of attachments or IP.Downloads file submissions. When you have a lot of users trying to download files concurrently, PHP will rapidly consume your servers available memory pool and, assuming your server makes use PHP-FPM or fastCGI, it will lock up your available PHP processes that are used to serve pages to your other users. This means basic topics and other pages will not load until another users download has completed. By utilizing X-Sendfile, you are able to pass the workload back off to the web-server. This is immensely more memory efficient, faster, and will keep your PHP processes free. This overall makes IPS significantly more scalable, especially in a self-hosted environment. Pobierz plik
  9. Version 4.2.0 is the next, large release for Invision Community! We are very excited to introduce all the new features and improvements. Full information on 4.2.0 ... Wyświetl informacje o wersji
  10. Here is the roundup of what's new in Invision Community 4.2! Highlights There's a lot of new feature in 4.2 but here are a few of the highlights: Promoting Content - A new way to promote content in your Community internally, on Facebook, and on Twitter. Clubs - Clubs are a brand new way of supporting sub-communities within your site. Many people have requested social group functionality in the past and Clubs are our implementation of this concept. Reactions - Offer more fine-grained sentiments towards content than a simple up/down or 'like'. They are now in common usage on social networks, and so users expect to be able to be more nuanced in their response to something they see. Complete Your Profile - Encourage or require members to fill out the details on their profile. Also now allows for quick registration to encourage joining. And a whole lot more.. It goes on... here is the full list! Leaderboard Enhancements Richer Embeds Group Promotion Improvement Fluid Forum View Member History Editor Uploading Improvements Authy Integration Commerce Improvements New REST API Endpoints Gallery Improvements Statistic Reporting Copy Topic to Database Downloads Index Page Blog Sidebar Promoting Content Clubs Reactions Calendar Venues Social Sign In Streamlining Calendar Add Similar Event Gallery Lightbox Navigation Letter Profile Photos SEO Improvements Device Management Delayed Deletes Calendar Event Reminders Content Messages Recommended Replies Complete Your Profile Be sure to visit each entry above for more information and screenshots. We hope you enjoy Invision Community 4.2! Release The final release will be available summer 2017. The supported, public beta is available in the client area now. Wyświetl pełny wpis
  11. This utility was written for my own use however I have decided to release it for anyone else to use as they wish. The two main features this plugin provides are: Ability to auto-assign new support requests to a particular staff member (per-department), so that they receive the daily assigned ticket reminder Ability to automatically email a staff member when a ticket is assigned to them (enable/disable per department) This plugin is provided as-is without any warranty or guarantee. No support is provided. Pobierz plik
  12. Account Deactivation Now and then, a member of your community may come to you asking to have their account deactivated or permanently deleted. It's a pretty common event on all types of social networking sites. People like to be in control of their accounts. When they no longer utilize a site, they often want to be able to have their accounts disabled for privacy reasons and to prevent unwanted messages and other notifications from being sent to them. It can be frustrating to a member when they can otherwise find no venue to accomplish this. Many members may not go through the trouble of manually submitting a request to a staff member requesting to have their accounts disabled, but it can still leave a negative impression on them. By providing your members with an easy avenue to have their accounts deactivated, you can alleviate this stress and provide your members with a better sense of security and privacy. With this application, deactivation doesn't even have to be a permanent choice. Should any deactivated member decide they want to come back to your site in the future, all they will have to do is log in and click a single button to have the account activated again! Main Features Account Deactivation is a full featured application, offering a wide variety of settings and functionalities for handling both deactivation and deletion requests. Some of these features include.. ✔ ModCP Extensions Comes with an advanced, full featured Moderator Control Panel interface. Your staff members will be able to process account deactivation requests with ease! ✔ Deactivation or Deletion? Access to both account Deactivation and Deletion can be individually enabled via member groups. ✔ Grace Periods Optionally offers "Grace Periods" for deletion requests, allowing members time to log in and cancel their request should they have second thoughts. ✔ Automated Reactivation Optionally present deactivated members with the option to reactivate their accounts if they log into them again after deactivation. ✔ Mod Queue Support Optionally require deactivation and/or deletion requests to be approved by a staff member before being processed. ✔ Deactivated Member Groups Optionally move a member to a custom "Deactivated" member group after deactivating their account, then move them back to their original group automatically on reactivation. ✔ E-mail Notifications Optional user e-mail notifications for all deactivation and deletion events. (Request pending, completed, rejected, and account reactivated) ✔ Member Insights Allow members to provide reasons for their deactivation requests, providing you with potentially valuable information on how you can improve your community in the future. Extensively tested and documented with every new release! Pobierz plik
  13. Plugin extends the capabilities of the ad system by allowing ads to be displayed at the selected addresses (the ability to use regular expressions such as calendar/* will display ads on all calendar pages) or on specific forums. Pobierz plik
  14. Extends the "Ignore Member" feature into Blogs and Galleries. Tested and works with IPS v 4.1.19. This file is provided as-is, and no support will be provided. Pobierz plik
  15. We know security updates can be distracting but we take security very seriously and do not want to delay getting you the latest enhancements. As we continue to audit security hardening, we will do these focused update releases. This release addresses two possible XSS scenarios. Wyświetl informacje o wersji
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