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  1. This application will add a landing page to your site, You can add multiple blocks and position them in your choice of ordering Main Features Create unlimited blocks to display on the landing page Choose from 3 different block types to display Main Content Upload a image to place as a full width background Enter header text for the blocks text content Enter text using the ck-editor to display inside the image Choose to add up to 4 buttons linking to URL's of your choice Secondary Blocks Upload a image to place on either the left or right hand side of the block Enter header text for the blocks text content Enter text using the ck-editor to display on either side of the uploaded images Choose to add up to 2 buttons linking to URL's of your choice Each Secondary block will display the images and text on the left then the right hand side depending on order of their positions, Example... left / right / left / right and so on Contact Us Enter header text for the blocks text content Enter text using the ck-editor to display on the block Choose to use 2 other sections allowing a list of for example Quick links and so on adding links or just text anything you wanted really in a list view Choose to add your telephone number, email & sites address How To Install Download the .tar file Head to your ACP and go to applications then click install Upload the downloaded .tar file Once Installed go to the community tab and select the Landing Page Blocks tab then start adding your blocks Go to the main applications page and click to set this application as the default app for your site Now go to your sites main URL and you will now have this application as the landing page to your site More To Come... Pobierz plik
  2. You'd be forgiven for thinking that RSS feeds belong in some bygone era of the web where Netscape was king and getting online meant listening to your modem scream at your phone line. There's certainly a lot of newer web technologies to share data, but the venerable RSS feed still has a place. Invision Community has supported RSS feed importing and exporting for a very long time now; however, it has been restricted to just Forums and Blogs. Importing an RSS feed is a simple way to populate content on your community. It's even a great way to share content to and from your site without creating blocks or writing custom code. Invision Community 4.5 now centralizes RSS feed importing, so it is available for Forums, Blogs and Pages. You can now choose to import an RSS feed to any Pages database. Better yet, there is now full support for image enclosures. RSS feeds have a special tag to note that the feed entry has an attached image. Lots of RSS feeds use this, such as the NASA Image Of The Day feed. Until now, this image has just been silently discarded. Now, it is imported as an attachment (so it can be moved around in the post or Pages entry). If the Pages database you are importing to has record images enabled, you can optionally import the enclosure as a record image which some template sets can use as a header image, just as our blog here does. But what about exporting enclosures? Happily, Invision Community 4.5 can now export the main content image of an item as an enclosure. This certainly makes the Gallery RSS feed export a lot more useful! While these updates are not revolutionary, they certainly make RSS feed importing and exporting much more useful. We've been asked to support RSS feed importing into Pages for quite a while now. What do you think of these changes? What will you import into your Pages databases? Wyświetl pełny wpis
  3. Sale Banner With Countdown - Widget Increase sales of products Demo BLACK FRIDAY OFFER: 8$>>6$ Pobierz plik
  4. Without a doubt, clubs is one of the most popular features added to Invision Community in recent times. Invision Community clubs allows you to run sub-communities on your site. We've seen clubs used in many ways, including managing geographically local groups and clan groups for large gaming sites. This popularity drives us to keep incrementally improving the feature set for clubs, and Invision Community 4.5 is no different. One thing that was raised many times was a way for club owners and leaders to create simple pages with general information members need. Happily, in Invision Community 4.5, this feature now exists (and more!) In addition to the title and visual editor that allows full formatting of the page content, there is an additional visibility setting which allows owners and leaders to define which types of members can view the page. This is perfect for showing a page that is only visible to non-members which informs them how to join the club. Likewise, it is a great way to display moderation guidelines to the club moderators only. Of course, owners and leaders will always be able to see all pages added to a club. Additionally, once a page is added to a club, a tab will be added alongside others, and the page can be re-arranged just like the rest. Using this, owners and leaders can create an alternative unique index page for the club. default-view.mp4 This is just one of many club improvements finished for Invision Community 4.5. We'll be talking about these in a future blog! Wyświetl pełny wpis
  5. Invision Community has come a long way over the past five years. We've added many new features and invigorated the front-end user experience to keep it current and in-line with modern interfaces. One area that has remained largely the same is the Admin Control Panel. When we released Invision Community 4.0 back in 2014, the Admin Control Panel was updated but has stayed relatively dormant since. But that's all about to change with the upcoming release of Invision Community 4.5! The Admin Control Panel in 4.5 has received a substantial update, resulting in a modern color scheme and a clean, minimalistic design. We felt that a lighter, more open design allowed the content more space and to feel less crowded. The dark grays have been replaced with shades of blue and aqua which closely reflects Invision Community's new branding, while other colors have been lightened and saturated. Along with the new color scheme, the overall layout of the ACP has intentionally been kept similar to the existing version, resulting in a design that feels surprisingly familiar yet refreshingly new at the same time. We hope you've enjoyed this small sneak peek into Invision Community 4.5 and we look forward to introducing you to some more new features in the upcoming weeks! Wyświetl pełny wpis
  6. BLACK FRIDAY OFFER: 40% SALE till 29 NOVEMBER Buy now and save $10 This application will give admins/users the power to customize member display name apart from primary user group customization... Original app credits goes to "Shir Raanan", the original plugin developer for earlier 4.x versions. Thanks for @alexxis for sponsoring this app. App features: Admin has option to allow users to modify their display name. Admin can set 2 display name color modes (Free mode/Restricted mode). Admin can set list of selected colors in restricted font color mode. Admin can set list of sparkling background for display name. Admin can customize the name directly from ACP with full HTML formatting. App mainly depends on caches to avoid database querying every time. This app. is subject to improve and enhance according to your suggestions and reviews. Pobierz plik
  7. Integrate Your Community Into The Workplace! Bring together your Invision Power Board community with the ultimate collaboration hub for your team! Slack Notifications leverages the internal notification system of Invision Power Board to relay all your important notifications to your Slack account. Slack Notifications works on the frontend notification system and allows your community members to add as many slack channels as they want, routing all their notifications to multiple channels, all from within Invision Power Board. This application is plug and play and allows your community to customize and configure their notifications independently of one another. Slack Notifications can also work with third party notifications and be integrated into custom applications for Developers. Developers The Slack Notification class extends \IPS\Notification and works as a hook within the send() method. The Slack Notifications class constructor depends on an \IPS\Notification injection and can be optionally configured with several other parameters. See the documentation below for more information and example case use. Slack Notification Class Constructor namespace IPS\slack\Notification; /** * Slack Constructor * * @param \IPS\Notification $notification The notification used to construct the slack notification * @param null $title The notification title. If not used, the notification text will be used. * @param null $pretext Optional pretext. Will default to basic notification string. * @param null $text Optional text. Not used if nothing is passed. * @param \IPS\Url|NULL $url Optional URL for the title. If not used, the notification link will be used. * @param array $fields Optional fields. Example: array( 'title' => 'Field 1', 'value' => 'Test Value' ); */ public function __construct( \IPS\Notification $notification, $title=NULL, $pretext=NULL, $text=NULL, \IPS\Http\Url $url=NULL, $fields=array() ) { // Set class properties $this->title = $title; $this->pretext = $pretext == NULL ? \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->language()->addToStack( 'slack_notifications_auto_pretext', FALSE, array( 'sprintf' => array( \IPS\Settings::i()->board_name ) ) ) : $pretext; $this->text = $text; $this->url = $url; $this->fields = $fields; $this->notification = $notification; } Example (Using native Notification class) // Example of a \IPS\Content item $notification = new \IPS\Notification( \IPS\Application::load('core'), 'notification_key', $this->item(), array( $this ) ); $notification->recpients->attach( \IPS\Member::loggedIn() ); $notification->send(); Example (Send only a Slack Notification) // Example of a \IPS\Content item $notification = new \IPS\Notification( \IPS\Application::load('core'), 'notification_key', $this->item(), array( $this ) ); $notification->recpients->attach( \IPS\Member::loggedIn() ); $slack = new \IPS\slack\Notification\Slack( $notification ); $slack->sendSlackNotifications(); Pobierz plik
  8. Version 4.4.9 is a maintenance update to fix critical issues reported since 4.4.8. Wyświetl informacje o wersji
  9. FM Dark is the first and hopefully one of many themes from Flash Modding Introductory Price of $20 will be $30 DEMO PLEASE NOTE... NOT ALL CUSTOMISATION'S YOU SEE ON THE DEMO SITE ARE FROM THIS THEME, I HAVE LOT'S OF MY PLUGINS INSTALLED WHAT ADD SOME OF THE CUSTOMIZATION'S TO THE SITE, IF YOU HAVE ANY QUERIES LEAVE A COMMENT ON THE SUPPORT TOPIC Main Features Background Picker Allow members to change the themes background from a choice of 12 backgrounds ( All small sizes ) Enable / Disable any background image Choose to use either the default ones or upload your own ( If you upload your own you will not lose the default images, they will always be available to choose again ) Advanced Footer Choose to use up to 4 sections Section 1 About Us Uses full ck-editor allowing you to create a nice about us sections Sections 2 & 3 Quick Links ( Or a list of what ever ) Uses the form stack setting allowing you to add as many as you want This can be used for quick links or anything else you wanted to add in a list form Section 4 Add a contact us section allowing you to add Telephone number Email Address Image Slider Add a image slider to your site ( This uses the default ipsCarousel elements ) Select up to 5 images to show Add your own text to show with the image Add your own link to allow members to navigate quickly to your selected page Forum Topics Choose to use a advanced user info panel on the users topics / posts Shows the members user group Shows the member ID Shows the members title Shows the members post count Shows the members posts per day ratio Shows the members total reputation Shows the total member of the days won by the member Shows the members joined date Shows how long the members has been a member in days Shows the members last activity Shows the members age Each one can be enabled or disabled in the theme settings Members Profile Choose to use a advanced about user block on the members profile Shows the members user group Shows the member ID Shows the members title Shows the members post count Shows the members posts per day ratio Shows the members total reputation Shows the total member of the days won by the member Shows the members joined date Shows how long the members has been a member in days Shows the members last activity Shows the members current location ( On site location ) Shows the members age Each one can be enabled or disabled in the theme settings All settings have toggles on so if you disable one setting then the settings connected to it will automatically hide when toggling them on or off If you have any questions or need support visit the support topic Pobierz plik
  10. Sidebar widget to display total spending in Commerce application against a purchase goal. Set a base as well as flex goals, summary of recent purchases and reset progress from selected date. Features Sidebar widget to display total spending in Commerce top against a purchase goal. Display summary of recent purchases within widget. Optional flex goals to appear when base goal has been met. Optional condensed view for quick overview of goal progress. Link contribute button to custom url or to the Commerce Store homepage. Reset progress bar from selected date manually or set date for task to run automatically. Integration with "Recent Purchases" plugin to enable anonymous purchases or anonymous amounts. Requirements: IPS Commerce app Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases. Pobierz plik
  11. Khazix gaming theme demo => https://diavola.ro/forum name: demo pass: demo Pobierz plik
  12. DarkBlue Gaming theme new update demo here => https://diavola.ro/forum name: demo pass : demo Pobierz plik
  13. 3 columns photo 150x250 demo : https://diavola.ro/forum user: demo pass: demo Pobierz plik
  14. Works with the latest versions of these applications: IP.Board 4.4.x Admin Control Panel IP.Commerce IP.Pages IP.Downloads IP.Gallery IP.Blog IP.Calendar IP.Clubs IP.Subscriptions & More! Included in the download: Skin XML file for installation Matching Admin CP Theme All fonts used throughout the skin logo.psd team-icon.psd IBTheme copyright and license agreement Links to purchase add-ons like installation, copyright removal, logo text change, etc. Also works with all these plugins: Chatbox + By onlyME Chatbox FREE By onlyME ipsProArcade By ipsProArcade PHP & TXT Widget By Pete Treanor (BD4) Group Legend By Blist Development Who's Online Avatars By Pete Treanor (NB40)Separate Pinned Topics By newbie Who Was Online (Hours) By Pete Treanor Recent Topics By Adriano Faria Widgets Extension By Catzwolf & More! Optional Add-ons & Services: Logo Text Change (Change the text on your theme's logo.psd included in this file.) Simple Logo Design (Add your company logo & font to your theme logo.) Premium Custom Logo Design (A completely customized logo design that works with this theme or any theme.) Copyright Removal (Remove the copyright branding from this theme.) Theme Installation (Have this theme installed for you on your IPB forums.) ⚠️ If you would like to have this theme customized, please CLICK HERE to open a support ticket with Sherri Doane at IBTheme. Pobierz plik
  15. The IPS Groups system is POWERFUL. It’s the best way to reward contributors. But, it’s missing some features. For starters, allowing members to join certain Groups can provide you with additional data. It will also help members connect with like-minded individuals. When you provide a mechanism for members to join public groups you empower them. You give them the choice to choose what's best for them. This is one way to retain members and increase engagement. FEATURES in Members | Group Enhancements NEW: Option to edit the Public Name of each group. The Public Name of a group is the name displayed on the frontend (to your users). Let's say you may want to break up your Members group into newcomers and active. Normally, the community would notice two new groups when doing this but with GTMG they could still see 'Members' (Public Name for each group). NEW: Option to set a group as Secondary Group Only. I have 20+ years experience in managing a forum. I can tell you from experience, adding new groups (and members to groups) can be a daunting task. The best thing to do is to CLEARLY separate your Primary from your Secondary groups. Use Primary Group as the base when it comes to options and permissions. Use Secondary Groups to add (options/permissions) to the base. NEW: Option to display multiple group badges in Profiles and Posts. Group Badges will be a favorite in your community. The minute you put this up on your site your members will ask you “What are these badges?” and “How can I get one?” NEW: Option to hotlink badges in Profiles and Posts. Link could go to a landing page explaining the group (selling its benefits, why it exists, etc) or you could link to the Directory or a Club. The goal is to inform your audience about each group. For example, we have a badge linked to the store (for premium group), another to our "group badges" page, and another linked to a page for recruiting influencers. NEW: Option to create “Public Groups”. This option empowers members to join the group(s) they best fit in. Members can join Public Groups via Registration and Account Settings. It’s getting harder to get users to share personal information. I use Public Groups as a way to get information that I can use for business purposes. For example, if I ask members via Registration or Account Settings which military branch they belong to it will likely be ignored. But, if I create Public Groups for Army, Air Force, Marines, and Navy they are more likely to take action. NEW: Option to create a directory of your favorite Groups. Directory can be a standalone feature or integrated within the Leaderboard page. I personally use this to attract influencers. It’s sorted by activity so the more active they are the more eyeballs on them. This increases participation in the group. BONUS To help you with your Groups Management, we are providing you with the following additional features: Group Options (Permissions) Matrix - An efficient way to compare static values Sort Groups - Sort groups per personal choice. TIPS ✔️ It’s best to use small Group Badges when displaying multiple badges in posts. ✔️ Members will have questions regarding your Public Groups. The best thing to do is to create an information page and hotlink the badges to the page. ✔️ When you enable Directory, keep ‘Time Limit’ and ‘Page Limit’ low. On large sites, a high setting may cause the page to load slower. ✔️ Use the new groups to your advantage. Use Bulk Email to target specific groups. For example, you can onboard the New Member group. SIMPLIFIED FEATURE SET Backend (ACP) New Group Settings Public Name - Display different Group Name on the frontend. Description - Add a group description to use for Group Directory. Landing Page URL - Allows admin to hotlink Group Badge to a page. eg. directory or custom page Set As Secondary Group - Restricts group as secondary group only. Public Group? - Allow members to join group Show in Directory - Control which groups can be found in Group Directory. Sort Groups Frontend/Backend - Sort groups per personal choice. Compare Group Options Matrix - A quick way to compare static values. Frontend Members can join 'Public Groups' during Registration Members can edit 'Public Groups' in Account Settings Group Badges (multiple) in Posts Group Badges (multiple) in Profile Group Directory Can use as standalone feature Can integrate with Leaderboard Can choose default index group Pobierz plik
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