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  1. Hi, I added custom widget here: https://www.ipsbeyond.pl/streams/ you can check demo app
  2. W szablonach w acp -> forums -> front -> topics -> topic i tam masz: {{if $postCount == 1 AND $advertisement = \IPS\core\Advertisement::loadByLocation( 'ad_topic_view' )}} {$advertisement|raw} {{endif}}
  3. Coś na pewno. ssd powinien dać zauważalnego kopa. Ramu pewnie tak do 12GB min by pasowało
  4. Zależy jak masz w szablonie osadzone. Zawsze możesz stworzyć własną lokalizację
  5. A to co? zależy która, ta co na górze to jak teraz wszedłem była 300x200
  6. Ogólnie jaki chcesz. Najlepiej coś pokroju 300x250 albo coś Jak dla mnie to jest reklama na dole strony
  7. Companies list? You should add permission to view in this category only for that group
  8. I'll check. You can require map point and then you will can't add company if you don't choose position on map Thanks I'll fix this
  9. Problem został rozwiązany.
  10. Yes, you should click and set exact location Yes, nearby using your location (if you allow) but when you add company I don't use your location because if you are not in the place which you want to add, then this will be incorrect Yes, I have this on my todo, but galleries is new functions in my app and I add new things step by step I'll check Ok, I'll add You should have min one category
  11. No to co już kiedyś ustawiałeś w grupie masz limit przestrzeni do ustawienia
  12. @steveK fixed. Please download new version
  13. In this entry I want to tell you about the newest version of (SD) Payment Gateways. New version will improve current functions and allow you to generate automatically invoice in few providers: Infakt.pl Ifirma.pl Wfirma.pl You can use one of these provider or all. This depends on only from you. To use one of provider you must fill simple form. First you must choose provider: And next, you must fill connection details: After that you can use this function. Invoice will be generated automatically always after mark Commerce invoice as paid (manually or by payment gateway) Note. You can exclude some members from generating invoice. This setting is useful if some accounts will be used to test orders on your board. To do this you should go to application settings and choosing member(s).
  14. Ok, I have the same. I'll try to fix this asap
  15. In lang resources: sd_cd_company_review_count Probably this depends on your theme. In default I have that: Check line-height in css or margin No problem feel free to ask 🙂 You have problem with patchwork. Which version of Invision Community you have?
  16. You should turn on map in category settings In ACP -> Members tab -> groups -> edit group and set how many profiles users in this group can add
  17. Najlepiej o podobnym taktowaniu
  18. each member has flag "outdate email". This flag you can set by editing member or when you import emails
  19. In this entry I want to introduce you first two new functions which will be available on version 3.3.1. Shipping provider This function allow your members to use two package operators: Omniva.ee smartpost.ee This mean if administrator create shipping method with using one of these two operators (ACP form below). Seller can add that option. And when buyer will purchase offer then he will see new option: Next both (seller and buyer) will receive email with information about choosed parcel terminal More about this function you can see on below video: Additional comment during purchase Next new function is comment during purchase. If you want to tell something seller about your purchase e.g. additional information about shipping you can enter message to small field in form. This message will be send the same like information about shipping parcel (in email). You can see that in above video.
  20. I tak i nie. Zależy, jakie masz limity ustawione i ile miejsca masz na serwerze
  21. In current version I don't monitor any emails. If you want to block email you should paste it in importer or edit member and block.
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