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  1. Edit group promotion and set correct group or delete promotion
  2. This is core function. If you change group from X to Y IPS core check promotion.
  3. yes. Please go to: acp -> Members tab -> Group Promotion Rules. And check your promotion
  4. No. Probable (destination) group has "group promotion" and in this promotion you have chosen non existing group
  5. Spanner

    (SD) Newsletter

    @ibaker about "error with gallery images". This is work correct. You have 2 images in the same name: 1. https://www.recreationalflying.com/gallery/image/3933-clubhouse/ 2. https://www.recreationalflying.com/gallery/image/3932-clubhouse/ Others error fixed. Released
  6. This error means: "tried to set not existing member group". Please check your groups promotion settings.
  7. Sorry for delay. With this addon payment receive board and site admin should transfer to seller
  8. Spanner

    (SD) Newsletter

    Hi, as you can saw I had vacation. Today I'm back and I'll check
  9. Spanner

    (SD) Pages

    Nie, to zależy od konfiguracji widgetu
  10. 3. It depends on server limit. I tested 100 emails and works fine 2. In this app you can search, but if you need I can add in next release 1. You can use both. My newsletter doesn't have that functions
  11. Default zoom level you can change in ACP -> (SD) Company directory -> settings -> "map settings" tab
  12. Spanner

    (SD) Newsletter

    First please create "newsletter type" with your settings. Next use "import members" with disabled "double opt-in" and you will have this 😉
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