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    IPS contains many tools to help you translate your community. You can turn on tools to Quick Translate, View word keys, or even install Language Packs. Most people think of translation tools to help translate from English to Polish or another language. But the tools are not just for language translation! You can also use it to customize your community with many unique and special phrases. Invision Community contains standard language that is inclusive and common, because it is designed for all communities. However, that also means the language is not relevant or specific to your community. Write something fun, write something creative, write something compelling for your community! Here are 3 areas to improve the language: 1. Streamlined Sign-in or Post Before Register You can enable Streamlined Sign-In or Post Before Register, so guests see a “call-to-action” message to either sign-in or post. Instead of using the default message, type something unique for your community! 2. Guest Signup Widget The Guest Signup Widget is a widget you should put on all pages. It’s a simple block with buttons to Register or Sign-in, and you only need to 3. Friendly URLs Invision Community comes with an advanced configuration to change “Friendly URLs.” These are the custom URL’s such as mycommunity.pl/privacy. Instead of using the English word, you can change to a Polish word. For example: mycommunity.pl/privacy --> mycommunity.pl/prywatnosc
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    Hi, I added custom widget here: https://www.ipsbeyond.pl/streams/ you can check demo app
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