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  2. This application adds support for the W3C Specification Web Authentication (WebAuthn) for Two Factor Authentication in Invision Community. With this application, users with a security key that supports the standard (like Yubikey, Solo Key, or a a compatible Android device with a fingerprint reader) will be able to register that key and use it for Two Factor Authentication. These keys can be built-in, or connected by USB, NFC, Bluetooth, etc (whatever is supported by the key). Some keys provide fingerprint sensors and other additional security. Supported Browsers: Desktop: An up-to-date version of any major browser (Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera) iOS: version 13.3+ Android: An up-to-date version of Chrome, Firefox or Android Browser Examples of supported security keys: Yubico Solo Google Titan Feitan eWBM Egis OneSpan HyperFIDO Note: Only authenticators which are signed with a X.509 certificate are supported. ECDAA and self attestation is not supported. Pobierz plik
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  4. Niedługo będę zmieniał domenę mojego forum. Co muszę zrobić, aby po zmianie domeny normalnie funkcjonowało?
  5. Or let me choose the map as No required.
  6. Last week
  7. Please this issue already fixed? I can't add file in mobile because don't let me mark the point
  8. This is a maintenance release to fix security reports since 4.4.9. Wyświetl informacje o wersji
  9. tak, może być fb, google i co tam jeszcze używasz 🙂
  10. aa np. z facebookiem? i dlatego zmienia się avatar? bo ten użytkownik właśnie często avatar zmienia na forum i się zastanawiam dla czego tak często to robi
  11. Send inline notifications to members for some purchase actions in the Commerce application. For example if a new purchase is generated or if a purchase has expired. Features Send inline notifications to supported Commerce purchase actions. (Email notifications are NOT supported.) Set which products will be excluded from receiving notifications. Supported currently are "New Purchase Generated" & "Purchase Expired" purchase actions. Requirements: Commerce Application Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases. Pobierz plik
  12. Mają połączone konta z innymi serwisami i z automatu im zmienia zdjęcie profilowe 🙂
  13. Witam mam pytanie. Użytkownik przykładowo zmienił zdjęcie 6g temu a w profilu pisze że ostatnio był aktywny 21 sierpnia czego tak się dzieje ?
  14. DEMO Theme coded by Veilon as a custom request. Responsive, mobile friendly, very appealing yellow / blue light themed. Will be updated with all major updates for free. Works on 4.4+ Pobierz plik
  15. Invision Community has supported member referrals via the Commerce app since Commerce was called Nexus all those years ago. Community owners have been able to see at a glance who is spreading the word and members have received the kudos associated with a growing referral count in return. When planning Invision Community 4.5 we saw that this feature had the potential to be so much more… So what have we done to improve it? See Who Was Referred In addition to seeing a count of referrals, it’s now possible for both admins and members to see who they referred. If Commerce is enabled admins can also see how much commission (if any) was earned. The new referral settings page shows links, code snippets and who you've referred Member Promotion Seeing a rising count of who has been referred gives members a great feeling of community involvement but wouldn’t it be great if you could reward your members in other ways too? Referral counts now work as a member filter when using the group promotion feature. You can now automatically promote members that have referred more than a specific number of members to another user group and give them access to exclusive content. This still works alongside paid subscriptions so be another method for members not willing or able to pay for subscriptions to get access. Integration With Sharing If the feature is enabled, any time a link is shared via the built-in share links, referrals will be tracked. This occurs automatically without the member needing to think about it. It’s now easier than ever to see who your superfans are and who is bringing new people to the community. Blocks As well as the default share links we have added a new sidebar block that can be added anywhere across your community. This prominent call to action can be added on pages you think are most likely to result in recommendations. The new "Invite a friend" widget Given that referral capabilities have been expanded into many more areas outside of Commerce we decided that this should now be available as a core feature. Earning commission on sales as a result of referrals will still, of course, require Commerce to be installed. We hope that these are welcome improvements and they help you encourage more members to participate in your community. Wyświetl pełny wpis
  16. Add enhancement to the announcements feature. Show only to members who have or have not purchased selected packages, how many days since a member joined and select custom background and text colors for each announcement. Features Display announcements to members who have or have not purchased selected products. (Commerce application required.) Display announcements to member who joined more or less then x days ago. Display announcements to selected countries members are from. Select a custom background or text color for each announcement. Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases. Pobierz plik
  17. Wątpie, ale pisz do IPS'u w tej sprawie
  18. Send followup personal messages after a Commerce purchase has expired. Send up to 5 followups with options for which day to send, pm author, title and message with quick tag support. Features Send up to 5 followup personal messages have a members purchase has expired. Set which days after a purchase expired to send followups. Set different pm author, title and message for each followup. Quick tag support for data such as purchase name, purchase link, purchase owner, purchased expired etc... Requirements: Commerce Application Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases. Pobierz plik
  19. Hide Commerce product categories and associated products from the store homepage, making it only accessible with a direct link. Features Select which products categories and therefore associated products will be hidden from the store homepage and widgets. Set which members groups are excluded and will see the store as normal. Product category and associated products are still accessible with a direct link. Requirements: Commerce Application Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases. Pobierz plik
  20. Set custom profile urls or profile pictures. With the option to disable direct access to the internal profile. Features Set a custom profile url to override the internal profile page. Option to disable direct access to the internal profile. Set a custom profile picture url. Quick tags for loading custom profile data like member name, member email and member id. Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases. Pobierz plik
  21. Allow members to quickly choose from a global list of prefixes to add to topics. Set which forums are supported, which member groups can mark all topics and if marking locks a topic. Features Setup a global list of prefixes members can choose from. Set which forums are supported. Set which member groups are supported and if members can mark their own topics. Choose to lock topics when a prefix is marked. Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases. Pobierz plik
  22. Witam serdecznie mam wykupioną licencję IPS Forum + Silnik. Czy jest możliwość zmiany z FORUMS na PAGES ?
  23. Dark desing, basic template. Neon inserts. Extensive profile appearance in the subject. ( look screen 2 ) Pobierz plik
  24. Earlier
  25. No to problem po stronie serwera. Jaki czas wykonywania skryptów masz ustawiony i jaki maks rozmiar pliku?
  26. Zauważyłem, że wpływ na błąd ma rozmiar pliku i dotyczy on głównie grafik - z drobnymi grafikami do 1mb nie ma problemu. Gif, który ma 7mb nie chciał się wrzucić za żadną próbą. Pomyślałem, że może to być jakieś ustawienie php - np. max_file_uploads, natomiast wszędzie tam mam minimum 64mb. W logach błędów w acp nie ma nic.
  27. losowo, czy zawsze? Zerknij w logi błędów w acp jak taki błąd wyskoczy. może brak uprawnień do katalogu lub coś
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