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  2. Cześć ponownie. Tym razem szukam aplikacji która dodaje znak wodny do grafik. Szukałem i szukałem ale nic ciekawego nie wyszukałem.
  3. Wygląd prywatnej wiadomości

    Do zamknięcia, naprawione.
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  5. Cześć ponownie. Tym razem mam problem z wyglądem prywatnej wiadomości w skinie. Próbowałem paru kodów css lecz nie wiem nadal jak to rozwiązać. Chodzi Mi o coś takiego.
  6. Aplikacja portal?

    Postanowiłem, że skorzystam z unreal portal - o wiele wygodniejszy w użyciu. A co do aplikacji dashboard to była ona tworzona na zamówienie i nie można jej wgrać od tak sobie. Dlatego tylko osoby które posiadają paczkę forum mogą z niej korzystać.
  7. There are many different reasons to build a community. It might be based on your business or a hobby. It may be to talk about your favourite sports team. Whatever the content, the key to success is to engage your community. We've been helping successful communities for over 15 years. During that time, we've picked up a handful of tips that we are going to share with you today. Pick one to try this week and let us know how you get on. Welcome every single member A great way to make members feel welcome at your community is to post a daily or weekly topic welcoming your new members. Post a short message asking them to introduce themselves and tag new members. This will encourage them to start a discussion that others can get involved with. It won't be long before friends are made and what may have been a passing member will be part of your core community. Host a "lurker week" Every few months, host a "Lurker week" where you encourage non-posting members to join in. You can explain the benefits of the community and encourage them to say hello. It's a great way to get people to introduce themselves. Suzi Nelson pioneered this over at Digital Marketer. She created a lurker themed week and was able to activate 44% of her previously inactive members in only five days! Spotlight members you want others to model Often you will see a member do something amazing in the community. Maybe they posted a really good question or perhaps they have been very active and helped many other members. Create a topic about it. Highlight how and why they are an asset they are to the community. This sends a positive message to other members that these kinds of actions will be celebrated. You can even turn this into a weekly or monthly ritual where you celebrate the member of the week or month. Educate about notifications The notifications system in Invision Community is the best way to get return visits. Why not put up a pinned topic in a visible area reminding your members how to get the best from the notification system, and asking them to enable them and follow any interesting forums or topics. This way they won't miss out of any discussion while they're away and as a bonus, they're more likely to return to catch up. Regular Interaction This is a very simple but often overlooked tip. As the community manager your purpose is to facilitate discussion. Make sure you show up regularly and create new discussions as well as reply to existing ones. People are more likely to post if they feel they will get a reply. Often your reply will send off a cascade of more interaction as different facets of the conversions come out. Ask for feedback Members love to be involved in brainstorms and to share their thoughts. Asking for feedback works on two levels. You get great ideas on how to improve your community. It is also a great tactic to get discussion going. Taking action on feedback makes that person feel more invested in your community and will champion it to others. Try and be specific when asking for feedback. Try "How can I increase the level of activity" or "Do you need any articles or topics written on specific subjects". The more specific, the easier it will be for your members to narrow down their thoughts. Be persistent These tips might give your community a short burst of engagement. To build a long lasting and highly engaged community, you have to be persistent and keep at it. The key to building a community is simple: put in the work and care about your members. If your members see how much you care and that you are showing up every day, they are more likely to show up too. Which of these tips are you going to try this week? Wyświetl pełny wpis
  8. Accordion slider with Transitions and Flexbox Widget IPS 4.2.x accordion slider that you are able to expand the desired slide into full size on mouse hover or touch tap. Responsive layout based on CSS3 flexbox model Demo Includes settings: Title Widget Accordion Title Accordion Description Accordion Background Link Image Enjoy this useful plugin Pobierz plik
  9. (SD) Sales Portal Pro (Classifieds)

    No, I have own plan Not yet, But as promised, it will be available
  10. Ogólnie tak. Podobny efekt kiedyś osiągnąłem na nim przenieśliśmy się na wp
  11. As we come close to wrapping up development of Invision Community 4.3, we wanted to let you know of a few smaller improvements we've made to increase engagement to your community. Email Despite fancy new things like social media and push notifications, trusty old email has been proven to be highly effective at getting repeat visitors to your website. It's one of the reasons Invision Community has built in email support for notifications that can be sent instantly, or via daily or weekly digests. Email should form a part of every community marketing strategy but curating content and building newsletters can often be a labor intensive task. With Invision Community 4.3 we have added some additional automated email tools to help your users discover more of your carefully crafted content. Highlight the best content from throughout your community In 4.2 we introduced the concept of curated content with promotions and “Our Picks”. With 4.3 we’ve taken this a step further and these promoted items will now appear directly in your content related emails. This allows for your audience to be enticed back to your community with items that they may not have read but holds interest. Capture return visits with interesting content Social media links in email footers If you look closely in the image above you will also see that you can now optionally include links to all of your social media sites within the footer of all of your outgoing emails. Both of these new features are enabled by default but can be disabled in the email settings section of your admin control panel. Email may be as old as the web itself, but it is a very powerful medium to get your audience coming back for more. Respond to Reviews We added the ability to leave a review to Pages articles, download files, calendar events and in other areas early on in Invision Community 4. The concept was to allow your members to engage in new ways with your content. Reviews on Commerce store items and purchasable downloadable goods is a great way to inspire others to purchase. New to Invision Community 4.3 is the ability for the content creator (be that a download file, store owner, etc) to respond to a review. This is a great way to address reviews that may be considered unfair or extreme. Matt is talking to himself again One more thing... Not content with resurrecting the Subscriptions manager from 2009, we've brought back a small detail from previous versions of Invision Community. The famous "this person is typing a reply" indicator in the online list. We can't wait to release this latest update. With new ways to monetise your community, new ways to engage your audience and better promotion tools, we're excited to see how it's going to benefit your community. Wyświetl pełny wpis
  12. This plugin will allow your chosen usergroups to toggle browsing your site anonymously. Features Select what user groups can use this feature If you remove their ability to login anonymously from the login screen then this plugin will still allow them to go anonymous once signed if ( If you gave them permissions via this plugin that is ) Adds a button next to the notification icon allowing your members easy access to the toggle button ( Show's on mobile devices too ) Pobierz plik
  13. Jest, ale to będzie zajmowało 2x czasu, polecałbym Blogs.
  14. (SD) Sales Portal Pro (Classifieds)

    Hi Spanner, are you holding out for 4.3 for this update? Also, can we choose which payment gateways are available for the updated version (3.0.0)? Cheers!
  15. (SD) Sales Portal Pro

  16. Aplikacja portal?

    Ale gdzie? Po przejściu do aplikacji w ACP? może ona nie ma swojej sekcji w acp. nie każda apka miała bo nie każdy umiał to zrobić
  17. Aplikacja portal?

    Niestety nie da się - wyskakuje błąd. " Błąd systemu [#404] incorrect_furl"
  18. Aplikacja portal?

    Na stronie IPS'u tego nie znajdziesz. Wersja 3.4.x nie jest już przez nich wspierana. Skoro masz pliki tego forum i masz ten katalog to po co szukać tej aplikacji? zainstaluj z plików, które masz?
  19. Aplikacja portal?

    Niestety nawet na głównej stronie IPB nie ma tej aplikacji, pomógłbyś znaleźć?
  20. Aplikacja portal?

    Nie wiem. Nie podajemy linków do pirackich zasobów.
  21. Aplikacja portal?

    Czy to jest to ? Pytam, ponieważ tylko to znalazłem.
  22. Aplikacja portal?

    Faktycznie, jest taka aplikacja w plikach
  23. Aplikacja portal?

    A masz tam aplikację o nazwie: dashboard ? bo tak się nazywa ten twór
  24. Aplikacja portal?

    Tylko problem jest taki że znam parę stron które miało bądź ma taki sam wygląd strony głównej, dodatkowo dodam że mam paczkę tamtego forum (co na grafice) ale nie mogę znaleźć odpowiedniej za to aplikacji..
  25. Aplikacja portal?

    Podeślij link, ale ogólnie do 3.4.x nie ma innych portali. albo Pages (inaczej IP.Content) albo portal do którego link dałem, w starszej wersji to był Unreal Portal, ale ogólnie zasada jest jedna nie znajdziesz rozwiązania, które będzie identyczne jak to. Tutaj ktoś się napracował i dostosował pod swoje wymagania/widzimisię wygląd i tak też trzeba zrobić.
  26. Aplikacja portal?

    Niestety to nie jest to.
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