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Brush off your knees and run

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    Anna Urbańska
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    Nina Lubiejewska
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With exceptional sensitivity and subtleness, Anna Urbańska presents a world full of possibilities. Her book titled Otrzep kolana i biegnij (Brush Off Your Knees and Run) surprises the reader with its delicate style, humour and piercing intimacy. The author invites you to the world of reflections. She teaches you how to look after yourself. She uncovers forgotten mysteries and helps you overcome common, demobilizing patterns. She refers to the perspective of a child who is delighted to get to know the world. She reveals specific tracks which help you achieve your goals, make a change or succeed. Most criticially, though, she notices that it is worth sharing love and kindness with others.

Otrzep kolana i biegnij (Brush Off Your Knees and Run) is a book filled with personal, moving stories and hilarious anecdotes. Like a virtuoso, Anna Urbańska shifts between sad and joyful aspects of life, describing the spectrum of emotions which make up her universe in a truly brilliant way. She pays attention to the significant role of attitude, trust, belief, responsibility or flexibility in life. Her advice is to take care of your life force. This energetic engine, she claims, is located within your mind, emotions, spirituality and healthy body. By taking care of yourself, you can go into space like a rocket.

The author boldly confides in the reader by sharing stories about difficult moments in her life and the way she dealt with her problems. With a sincere smile on her face, she argues ‘it’s not worth giving up’. All you have to do is open your heart, believe in yourself and set goals. You can find your ‘recipe for success’ in this book. Sounds incredible? Just try, take a risk, believe.

While searching for the answer to the ‘who am I’ question, the author strives to help the reader by sharing stories and experiences of many people. You can find inspiring interviews with Piotr Cygan, Edyta Skibińska, Magdalena Jewiarz, Paweł Zaremba, Anna Cieciórska, Paweł Jarząbek, Laura Kozłowska and Marlena Wawrzyniak in her book. These conversations are meant to inspire and to form a trigger to brush off your knees and run!

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