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Holistic management of the COVID-19 pandemic

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    Jan Krzysztof Solarz, Krzysztof Waliszewski
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    Steven Jones
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The authors of the monograph apply their competences in the field of risk management in the financial system in order to organise what is currently known about the COVID-19 pandemic.

They recognise that by nature it is both endogenous as a result of health habits and exogenous in relation to lockdown. Overall, this poses a systemic risk. Holistic systemic risk management organises the sequence of events and action taken in such a way that the exit strategy from one crisis marks the beginning of a new one.

The reviewed work has unquestionable substantive and methodological value. (...) The consequences and challenges related to COVID-19 are among issues of interest and significance analysed in international, and to some extent in Polish, economic and financial literature (scientific, popular science, journalistic works). From this point of view, the reviewed work should be considered as an attempt to synthesise what is most current and relevant in this area. One might risk stating here that the book by Profs Solarza and Waliszewski will be the first Polish publication in ‘Coronomics’.

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