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Verbook. Foreign language vocabulary workbook

30.00 zł
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    Eliza Illukiewicz
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Who can use Verbook?


-  teachers—can use worksheets as homework, a class break or a short test

-  students—can make revisions with Verbook, test their knowledge or as an aid

in memorizing an excessive amount of vocabulary

-  self-taught students—Verbook will guide you what kind of vocabulary is necessary to know

at the basic level

- higher-school level students (for secondary school certificate matura podstawowa) and

foreign language certificate applicants can use Verbook to make revisions, test already

known vocabulary or to compile the necessary vocabulary in one place.


Why Verbook?


- many different possibilities of using worksheets

- layout supports the learning process

- all necessary vocabulary about basic topics all in one place

- the same materials for different languages at the same time extra space for notes.

You decide how much and what to write

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