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Theory of tourism and tourism management

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    Tadeusz Chudoba
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This book is the first one in the world which contains anatomy of the whole tourism phenomen - a basic as well as managerial. It contains cultivating touring, organization touring, rendering services and creating material base for tourism, as well as four functionally different managerial phenomena.

This dissertation shows which elements of tourism reality decide about existence of all above mentioned tourism phenomena. In this book tourism reality's phenomena are seen from many sides: as processes, as defined elements of the tourism reality, as showing the essence of culture or artistry of tourism management, as well as the world of definitions showing the essence of the results in every element of tourism phenomena.

The main subject of dr. Tadeusz Chudoba educational activity has been anatomy of tourism phenomena, tourism marketing and tourism management. Currently he works in College of Tourism and Foreign Languages, but also in Tourism and Recreation Institute within Warsaw Marie Curie University. Living in Sweden he was lecturer in tourism marketing. He had guest lectures in four universities in the USA; Las Vegas, Niagara Falls, East Lansing and Logan as well as in Lillehammer in Norway and in Breda in the Netherlands. The Author of this book has been working as a lecturer or researcher in Tourism Institute and in several other schools of higher education since 1967. The author would appreciate your opinion about the book. If you would like to express your remarks regarding the publication or establish scientific relations please write to dr. Tadeusz Chudoba by e-mail at krzysztof-chudoba@o2.pl

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