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Detective Tomek solves the mysteries of the underwater world: Rattlesnake and his prey

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    Jakub Chyla
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Feel like an eight-year-old boy who wants to become a superhero and experience the adventure that children dream of with him!


The fairy tale tells a story that is close to every child. This way, children listen to it with their mouths open and can't wait to finish. Also, the story presented in the fairy tale teaches how vital friendship and cooperation are in life.


One day, due to mysterious and unexplained circumstances, an eight-year-old boy named Tom gets into the underwater world, where he meets fish from his aquarium. He meets up Ariel there. She explains to him the danger that threatens all fish and asks the boy to help her recover a specific, unusual item that has been stolen from them.


But will Tom help Ariel and save all the fish he loves so much?


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